Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a day in town!

we went for a shopping at KLCC today. We singgah banyaaak kedai, and yet i'm seriously i BIG SPENDER! Unpurposely, i ter-spent more than a hundred at only one kedai jeh. Huh! how tamak i am? We went Kinokuniya, and at last after I travelled around the world for an ages, I found the book,The World Almanac. Yea, Thanks Allah.. Terkesima seketika myself when i found it oww~ o yea, & we also stepped in the Petronas Gallery. Here are some informations that i cilok from that exhibition,

"Galeri Petronas dengan bangganya mempersembahkan pameran 'Eng Tay-The Exhibition', menampilkan himpunan hasil karya terpilih Eng Tay, seniman Malaysia bertaraf dunia yang kini menetap di New York. Dalam pameran bersejarah ini, Eng Tay akan membawa para pengunjung mengembara ke dalam ruang lingkup hati nurani manusia, menyentuh bibit-bibit manis cinta, semangat silatur rahim dan keakraban.
Eng Tay- The Exhibition" represents the most comprehensive exhibition of the artist ever, assembling a selection of prints, paintings, life-sized sculptures, marquettes and hand-painted ceramic works."

aha, pergilah galeri tuh, percuma. It wort it! At level 3, Suria KLCC.. (cam promoter x? itu my part-time job lar. ) but then, yea, that's galery was totally amaze me! well, i've never been into an gallery before..an hour after, tHEN, kami berjalan lagi ke segenap pelosok. Lagi kami memborong semua barang yang terdaya kat Galeri Petronas Shop tuh,then pergi memborong lagi&lagi.. Akhirnya, kami tiba di Jalan TAR. Hrm,penat3x! my leg had been jinx, cant move anymore! tapi berbekalkan keazaman yang tinggi dan kecekalan yang menggunung, kami gagahkan jua diri untuk terus membeli-belah di Jalan TAR! And the story begin, jeng..

we crossed the road,sambil control ayu
& jalan slumber badak- like nothing seem will happen, . And yet, we saw a box. seriously a big box,a huge box, was there, in the middle of the pedestrian way.. then i said: allaa" it's just a box, who care?"

And suddenly, the box BERGERAK! dengan lajunya; menghalang laluan kami. OMG! Seriously, we were shocked, bagai nak mati. How's that a box without live like that can move towards us??!! Huh, there must be a trick anyway.. Hohoho,ya Allah, malu sangat~ Tapi ramai lagi para pelalu-lalang yang kena sergah ngan kotak tuh..
haha, i felt like i was in bang-bang boom pula! I bet they (whoever put that box there,) put a control car laah inside that box..isk2, astaghfirullah. but then, Taniah2x! They've successfully embarassed us~

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Music Trains The Heart~

Perhaps those piano lessons were forced into as child did you some good after all. A study published in Heart magazine found that when subjects were played samples of music,

the faster the tempo, the more the listeners' breathing

and heart rates rose; but afterwards this arousal dropped to a lower level than before the music was played. It makes them really2 love music, and so do I. (Erm, if you don't prefer indie, rock, etc.. there's still nasyeed right?)

Plus, the effect was stronger on those subjects with musical training (wherein you learn to synchronise breathing with the music). Researches suspect this relaxing effect could be good for the heart. Go music!Music!Music! Go! Go! Go!