Sunday, August 16, 2015

Game Review : Life Is Strange

If you're my friend, you should know I'm a casual girl gamer. And by that I actually mean I play anything in spare times but am picky in choosing the games I wanted to play for days.

And if you're my friend also, you should notice how I hardly watch movies except for those with beautiful animation!

Now this game 'Life Is Strange' got both! A sort of movie-like game with great animation effect!

Kalau korang tak suka game tembak-tembak adventure action dan sebagainya, tapi tetiba rasa nak main game, dan nak tengok animation movie jugak, korang patut main game ni.

I actually learnt a few life things from this game, because this game is option based game. Every option you make will effect your past, present and future. So lepas aku main, automatik aku jadi selalu reflect balik choices yang aku dah buat (either in the games and in my life also haha) CHOICES YOU MAKE ARE EVERYTHING. 

Kalau kita boleh putar balik masa, sangat berkemungkinan besar kita tukar decision kita, choose another options. And this is proven in this game that allow you to rewind time! There, aku dah cerita game ni pasal rewinding time.

To tell you even detailer, game ni pasal perempuan nama Max (which is you the player) yang ada kuasa rewind time. And to make it so lovable, Max is a photography student and game concept dia point-and-click tapi design dia sangat trendy up-to-date and teen-ish haha. The tiny details are making it way different than  The Sims! The gamemaker team memang suka photography gak rasanya sebab most lighting dalam game sangat lawa doh.

Most of the game character is relatable memandangkan kita kan muda remaja TAPI Max is an eighteen-years-old American girl, so you'll be exposed to the many american teen issues. And you know how limited American vocabulary is, caution banyak vulgar words. Part2 ni aku pun tak selesa.

But the issues brought up in the games are numerous, well if you takes some time to reflect; bullies, school, drugs, boys, friendship, climate change, weeds, gun control, lgbt and many more are mentioned - carrying messages to this videogame players.

Aku suka la how gamemaker portray Max as an American girl yang quite conservative and rational, who think drinking is disgusting and partying is not always fun and good, she can actually be good influence kot tengah-tengah zaman semua orang terikut-ikut nak jadi orang amerika jugak,

Dialog dia pun boleh tahan. Cuma kadang-kadang draggy sikit. (Dah lah tak boleh skip-skip) Yang antara best contoh time Chloe the gun-control believer cakap 'If theres one person who should have a gun in this world, it should be women' haha yang ni random tetiba aku teringat.

Game ni rare and lain daripada game-game famous yang lain Assasins Creed, Fallout, TLOU, Walking Dead etc. Dia datang in episode so macam kau tengok drama gak la. Habis satu episod bedebor tunggu satu lagi episod. Satu episod macam sejam setengah la, depends berapa kali kau rewind haha, Btw, minggu lepas baru je keluar episod ke empat. Kena beli la tapi. (Gaming industry adalah industry yang mengaut keuntungan tinggi bro) And aku dah main sampai episod empat tu skrg eksaited menanti episod ke lima.

Aku ingat mostly girls je suke game ni tapi Pewdiepie pun kata 'this game is amazing' you ols. Story line dia pun best. Macam movie lah. Cuma bezanya, ending movie tu terletak di tangan kau. Main emosi la gak, Mungkin kau akan berhadapan dengan konflik diri time main haha.

So yeah.

Here's a trailer!

.... and some screenshot!

Puas aku tengok graphic dia weh puas! And as you can see, angle and perspective dia cantik! Colour tone dia pun sangat cinematic sampai aku suka rembat skrin tv besar. Sorry orang rumah!

The more episodes you play, the more its getting good!

Dah tu je fangirling aku, Salam!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Reality, where are you really?

This is a post dedicated to all the uncomfortable feelings you cant get rid of, (especially when you scroll on instagram). And I wanted to put it into words. I dont care if anyone would bother. But i wanted to understand. And I want to get more comfortable being uncomfortable.

Honestly speaking, I dont feel too good when I happened to bump into some personal instagram account. I only speak of some, but even those some can cause quite a feeling in my chest.

I swear these uneasiness can actually disturbing me from enjoying whats good. In virtual life or not.

There is something disturbing in those photo, something weird with those lifestyle, especially what with those people that I have actually encountered in real life.

I dont believe instagram ever reflect the reality. To me its just an escape from reality, that if you fall too much with it, that's where things got complicated. Because. things. aint. real.

Like the ringgit currency for instance, the decreasing ringgit value does not seem to have an impact on many. On instagram, consumerism power doesnt lose its way to the ringgit issue. And that I always wonder how do these younggg babes got to get many expensive stuff? How hard must it be for them to earn the money? Or they didnt?

Its a most likely that the same people got showered with gifts (that I actually doubted whether they would use so many of those unbranded stuff) and cant the items be channeled to those in need instead?

With all that question, understanding people is a tough job. I dont get people. (Like I dont get myself either.)

It felt like everyone is trying to be different.

To be someone else they are not.

Someone we are just copying.

On social medias, we are more like - exhibiting the superficials

Asking to be 'judge me like this'.

When in real life, some are actually way different than they are in social media. Its painfully a painful sight to experience.

When that uneasiness is there, you know there is something wrong somewhere. It might be my heart, or what? I may never know.

And it made school seems like there's something irrelevant about them. School dont weigh much on teens now, kan? We no longer care so much what the school had taught us as compared to what the social media had. In other word, schools are slowly losing its significance, or so I felt.

I came from a sekolah agama. Well stop that whatever mindsets you have on sekolah agama.  Its a school and by definition it should taught you moral and virtues. And in this new age, i think it is extremely really challenging to nurture one's spiritually when the world (read: social media) is teaching you all about the physicals non-stop. How to #eyebrowonfleek how to be a swag how to hipster how to appear flawless and the lists goes on.

Its a really different platform. Just imagine. From sekolah maahad to this social media trends. It doesnt fit that much. Even kmb, a college that felt so much like a sekolah tarbiyah, a safe place for me, by the look on instagram, is now turning into some place fashinistas chicks ke whatev. I dont know. Sayang,

I'm worried if anyone would be lost in this transition.
As much as I'm worried about my innocent juniors who are still in school, im worried about myself - too.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Invictus Dinner

Its wonderful to think that this blog has turned seven years old already! But it is actually saddening to see my ceasing contribution towards this blog throughout times. Tapi seeing the browser tell you 'blog not found' and declaring that most of my favourite bloggers (and blogs) of mine is no longer traceable is even more saddening!

And I am not gonna delete the blog nor change my url. Even with no written records have made me felt like you have missed a huge portion of my adventures!

And while I'm on it right now, I might throw in some new posts as much as I can on what memories I need to archived. And this time around I wanted to tell you about the dinner I had recently.

It was supposed to be a batch dinner. But considering that my batch consists of 336 people and those who attend seem to be actually lesser than half of the amount, so I dont really think the name is appropriate.

Apart from my classmates, most of my friends didnt even go. Lawak ah gak bila fikir balik out of all things, planning for the dinner actually cause quite a commotion. And there I saw a weird pattern of peer influence that affect the whole class participation, and then the next class, and then the next, and on.

Its funny to me how different people find different things so important. Of course its a real deal to let everyone view from the same window. Take this dinner for example: some people think the amount of money you pay is all thats important, or on what to wear, or yada yada yada but to people like me, though I may be not financially rich, being together is the important bit, and that considerable amount of money is, like most other thing, an investment.

At first I dont get it why would anyone unwilling to come to a dinner? Well you dont get to go to dinner everyday? Let alone a dinner dedicated to your own batch - after struggling that hella IB ride, on your last few hours together? And you cant expect a dinner in a hotel to be cheaper than the price of your shoes.

And that bring back my memory to when I was lepaking around with some seniors in kmb during their batch dinner night last year, who commented that they actually wanted to / would go, only they did not know why they didn't go in the first place so be it. And that explanation got me like whatttt. The same cycle goes every year. People not going for the sake of not going.

And I find it disturbing because some people appreciate friends dearly and of course hoping that the event will be a smooth success with the presence of each and every single mate in the batch who have had the same struggle as we do. We are all IB fighters. And enjoying that dinner would seem a bit awkward and less meaningful aannnnd somewhat unfulfilled without another contingent of fighters, isnt it?

But that is what I thought initially. Haha panjang gila aku tulis sekali tetibe aku lak takleh pergi sebab krisis dalaman yakni duit. Highlight is, beberapa hari before dinner tu Iman tertau aku tak pegi pastu dia tetiba terus bayarkan broh and dia siap bookkan tempat untuk aku terharu gila sey, The end.

And so, on 22nd May 2015, the dinner took place on the same date as we finished our FINAL IB EXAM PAPER! Environmental Studies! Yay to no more school!

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Wooooo alhamdulillah! Guess what? I have finally finished two years huddle of IB! Btw skip the fefeeling parts, nah haritu pergi frim with le friendsss for the second timeeee.

Cas masuk satu kereta RM4 + satu kepala RM1 + GST 0.60 sen kot so total my whole family RM10.60. Takda brochure sebab dia kata jimat kertas haha. Nak naik canopy walkway RM3 for students, adult RM5. Turun naik canopy total 2 hours tupun terasa ponat. Nampaklah kena exercise lebih ni haha.