Monday, June 8, 2015

Invictus Dinner

Its wonderful to think that this blog has turned seven years old already! But it is actually saddening to see my ceasing contribution towards this blog throughout times. Tapi seeing the browser tell you 'blog not found' and declaring that most of my favourite bloggers (and blogs) of mine is no longer traceable is even more saddening!

And I am not gonna delete the blog nor change my url. Even with no written records have made me felt like you have missed a huge portion of my adventures!

And while I'm on it right now, I might throw in some new posts as much as I can on what memories I need to archived. And this time around I wanted to tell you about the dinner I had recently.

It was supposed to be a batch dinner. But considering that my batch consists of 336 people and those who attend seem to be actually lesser than half of the amount, so I dont really think the name is appropriate.

Apart from my classmates, most of my friends didnt even go. Lawak ah gak bila fikir balik out of all things, planning for the dinner actually cause quite a commotion. And there I saw a weird pattern of peer influence that affect the whole class participation, and then the next class, and then the next, and on.

Its funny to me how different people find different things so important. Of course its a real deal to let everyone view from the same window. Take this dinner for example: some people think the amount of money you pay is all thats important, or on what to wear, or yada yada yada but to people like me, though I may be not financially rich, being together is the important bit, and that considerable amount of money is, like most other thing, an investment.

At first I dont get it why would anyone unwilling to come to a dinner? Well you dont get to go to dinner everyday? Let alone a dinner dedicated to your own batch - after struggling that hella IB ride, on your last few hours together? And you cant expect a dinner in a hotel to be cheaper than the price of your shoes.

And that bring back my memory to when I was lepaking around with some seniors in kmb during their batch dinner night last year, who commented that they actually wanted to / would go, only they did not know why they didn't go in the first place so be it. And that explanation got me like whatttt. The same cycle goes every year. People not going for the sake of not going.

And I find it disturbing because some people appreciate friends dearly and of course hoping that the event will be a smooth success with the presence of each and every single mate in the batch who have had the same struggle as we do. We are all IB fighters. And enjoying that dinner would seem a bit awkward and less meaningful aannnnd somewhat unfulfilled without another contingent of fighters, isnt it?

But that is what I thought initially. Haha panjang gila aku tulis

And then, things got tough and it got me literally broke. Like no joke. And my view changed. I understood how dinner memories is not as valuable as I initially thought. Bila ajk mintak nama aku tak dapat nak join la pulak haha. Padahal semangat je promot semangat perpaduan awal-awal haha. And I started to feel bad towards my friends of whose I promised to spent the night and appreciate the dinner together. Its no harm I dont go anyway, but I'm not telling my girlfriends that.

Later there was this one good friend named Iman who knew my condition. It was just a few days before that dinner, and the registration list was long closed. Dipendekkan cerita, she actually paid for me and make me go for it eventually! She said she know I would enjoy that type of memories and she claimed I would stuck in boredom if I doesn't. I didnt know how to respond properly because I was at lost for words and actions! Like always, she is so naturally nice and kind! Maybe someone would see this as no issue but too me it means a world. Terharu guaaaa. Thanks iman, I realllly appreciate that and will never forget that :)

And so, on 22nd May 2015, the dinner took place on the same date as we finished our FINAL IB EXAM PAPER! Environmental Studies! Yay to no more school!

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Wooooo alhamdulillah! Guess what? I have finally finished two years huddle of IB! Btw skip the fefeeling parts, nah haritu pergi frim with le friendsss for the second timeeee.

Cas masuk satu kereta RM4 + satu kepala RM1 + GST 0.60 sen kot so total my whole family RM10.60. Takda brochure sebab dia kata jimat kertas haha. Nak naik canopy walkway RM3 for students, adult RM5. Turun naik canopy total 2 hours tupun terasa ponat. Nampaklah kena exercise lebih ni haha.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

IB Exam

I am actually in the middle of exam season, yet weirdly I'm feeling extremely eager to keep the blog alive.

Arts and english exams done. Now four more subjects.

I would want to write a lengthy post if I could, but my feelings are nothing but a jumbled thought. I am (still) not good in expressing feelings, but I know this is one of my defining moments in life. I cant believe this challenging IB programme i have no idea how I'm in it is coming to an end. Only by passing this exam would secure me a place in the UK. Hoping for your prayers so that yeah who know if I'll be able to break a leg :D

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Give it a break

If I were to write anything emotional here, it would be long. I'm not sure whether it's IB life or its because I'm nineteen but I felt there are so much inner conflicts that have took place this year. To note also, it's 149 days left to ib exam. Gila scary do.

Anyway, here are the photos at pantai morib. once in a while. I'd like to make this blog serve it's purpose of existence hehe. I'm. Oh yeah I'm on a sem break! Give it a break!