I think I am a complicated person, but I certainly know that I enjoyed quite a lot of things. Like if you know me well, I love coordinated colours. My eyes work in graphics representation - always. Thus explains my opinion: why things that dont think it needs a graphic design sucks. And maybe that explain why I love gaming  and enjoy high definition animations too. (with The Last of Us, Tomb Raider 2013 and Beyond Two Soul being my fave)  
I am an art enthusiast, enjoy making arts when I felt so many emotions and goes to art gallery when I'm free.  And I carry my camera around all the time, replacing a handbag cause I hate to drag a handbag around and because snapshotting real life as in photographs are so freakin important to me. And photographs are important because people and their stories easily inspire me.  And that is why I look forward to talking to strangers.
I used to play music but halted when I got into religious school. I actually love computer technology and initially wanted to take computer science but after high school I got accepted to a 2 years studying abroad preparation programme named kolej mara banting. And from there I became an abroad student in England where I was born. Judging from my passions in arts and computer technology, you were right to guess I am currently studying architecture now. And of course, im always rooted to Malaysia my home sweet home.