Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yesterday; A Masterpiece Of Today, And Future

We went to Kuang yesterday, to visit Pak Cik Hamir and his ARTS! and his studio ( and its surrounding ) where he does his gigantic artworks(!).  And of course they're aowh awesome! 

And anyway, camera's on girls ~ ~ ~

GENT's door : every where is art!

A brief talk from the Master . :DD


Bergambar di sisi Mr. Gigantic (Compass) .
And this, Location wasnt in Kuang anyway.

We had a good time altogether, yes, as much as a relative would.

: ) More photos are calling.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

S P M , all the best everyone ! ! !

Oh's SPM!





(っ*´д`)っ Argh. (っ*´д`)っ

Nabil, nevermind.






(っ'з')っ (っ'з')っ Selamat menduduki Sijil PM itu~~  (っ'з')っ (っ'з')っ

Semoga berjaya na.

*No idea how to write this, emph =.="

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Hunger Games Innocent Fever

Hey, just thinking how cool is it if they were filmed. Anyway, I'm rereading the Hunger Games, and planning to do so for Catching Fire, and finish MockingJay asap. They were absolutely amazing.

Here's few craziness I found in Dviantart. Well, how imaginary they are, but anyway thumbs up! :D

Here it is, the very influential mockingjay.

Thinking of adding her dont you?

Nice drawing isnt it.

It would really fit in if Lucas Till play as Peeta Mellark! Perfect!

It seems that almost everybody has come out with their own HG product, dreamy.
*Anyway, jeez... thanks Kak Raihan for borrowing me these stuff.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Salam Aidil Adha :)

A festival of sacrifice, 

S E L A M A T    H A R I     R A Y A    A I D I L F I T R I A D H A !
"Tiada amal anak Adam yang lebih disukai Allah pada hari Aidiladha melainkan ibadat korban. Sesungguhnya binatang yang dikorbankan itu akan datang pada hari kiamat lengkap dengan tanduk, bulu dan kukunya. Sesungguhnya ibadat korban ini diredhai Allah sebelum darah binatang itu jatuh ke bumi. Maka hendaklah kamu berasa lapang dada dan reda akan ibadat korban yang kamu lakukan.” (Hadis riwayat At-Tirmizi)


NKI wouldnt bother me anymore.

Probably it wont. Because we have done it successfully. Can you believe it? For the first time NKI was held, we were the host? Cant you imagine that suddenly we've passed over the week? Thanks to all the 390 participants and another 100++ fasilitators from all over the country for coming, the school for allowing us to stay, to our committee team who worked out so hard & tirelessly, the teachers, Bonda, the caterer, all the KPM officer and just anyone , thank you for tracing me the memories and for most, thanks Allah for giving me this opportunities. Alhamdulillah for this everything you've made.

I enjoyed most of the hectic days and the day we spent at Putrajaya leisurely, without anything to work on, we loved the freedom, the gathering, and the scene of course.

Takbir resounded to be everywhere, spirited and great! Praising Allah The Almighty. They are the true mujahidah, they have the potential, they brought the spirit and the influence all the way! And I'm liking the climate. This is a feeling which was rarely exist in Maahad itself, but I hope it'll better as time goes by.

This is the beginning point of a change, a positive change in one's leadership. 'Nadwah Kepemimpinan Islam' The name already tells everything.

The NKI song echoed in my head. Whoahah, it's the coolest official song I've ever heard. The beating was fast, but anyway we could still go along with it, and be gleeful to the rhythm, congrats Uztaz Zainaphi. Our favorite! Erm, is there any available CDs? I'm just missing the part.

:D Anyhow, Let's stay smiling. :)

 The arising potential.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A little bootcamp part I

It's Tuesday. We departed early and arrived at the campsite when the sun was settled up on our head. We were the first to arrive, earlier than what I thought. The place was really windy, where a sea breeze stung out. Made we felt so cool. So here I was, at the National KRS Camp - for the Islamic Institutions called IPA, for a four days treat in a little campsite named Sri Lang in SBPI Sabak Bernam, in a northwest district of Selangor, my native state.

First, we were whisked to built the tents, along with the girls from our contingent. Good, mine was solid and steady as we fixed the stake on a flat soil. Mine was a few inches bigger than the rest though. And I was clueless then, since we're not allowed to lay down in the tent and relax, I walked motionless around the hectic campsite. There were always new contingents to arrive and for us to greet. But all I knew was that I'm already weary and I wanted to have a nap. I haven't had a real sleep for the few previous night, and I knew what was coming next was surely fagging us out. I was about to step out from the campsite when I clashed into a girl with a complete KRS uniform. Her face was innocent and from her style, I could say she's cool. We didnt think much or even bother to talk much but then we both agreed to escape from the hustle and so, we were sneaking into the school. There, we took a deep rest and felt relieved before my gnawing guilt asked both of us to turn back into the camp. By the time we arrived at the campsite, I was a bit worried since everybody else had already lined up at the field, and the next session was about to start. But this girl was cool, I told you, she made we did a quick invisible run and phew, luckily we managed to escape before their eyes and we joined the rest and we became close friend.

I knew there must be challenges, on purpose or not, its the custom. The fatigue, dehydration, discomfort, brutality and so forth. But I forgot the word dampness. The first night we spent there was covered with heavy rain. We all got soaked, not even one stuff left. From the top of our head until the tip of our feet, we were totally wet. The clamant and clattering noises from the others woke me up at 4 am, and I felt my back was sticking with water. I found out that the raindrop was sneaking into our tent bit by bit. The rain went heavier. And starting from that moment, the second day witnessed us playing in the rain bath all along the activities.

It was also the day I had my first experience performed the solah in this real uncomfortable way. It was Solat Subuh, so the atmosphere was as dark as a pure black where you cant see anything except for the dim and gloomy moonlight up in the sky.  Once the Uztaz said "Ready to hold your breath whenever you sujud!" Haha, Ezzah laughed a lot whenever Uztaz repeated this words, it's logic and necessarily, funny. Uztaz was really cool and he acted like nothing happened!  I pretend as if it was normal too, but it turned inverted. Troubled. My telekung was soaked in wet and the flood making us difficult to move. I think, honestly men are easier to perform solat at this challenging moment. Try it, you will feel some pesky pebbles mixed with fine sand along with the water around your face when you are sujud, and try not to inhale them. It's a bit hard and uncomfortable but I promise you that it'll never made you feel temper, because it's too cold to feel so!

Then we had fried mihun as breakfast. It's not really a fried one since the raindrop was jumbled in it. There was  a roof above our breakfast area, but still it couldn't completely protect you from the enormous rain to attack you, so here you go, an extra soup for your mihun. I had a handful of it as I also had a stomach to be fed. Plus, anything that sound like a food was accepted at that time. I doubt the health guarantee, but it's an emergency I couldn't bother with.

The day continued with a few indoor activities where we had compass orienteering, a short paintball lesson, creating crafts, marching, flying fox and etc. There we gained thousand knowledge and we shared stories. We were getting closer and knowing the other side of the world are my favourite. And my least one was making crafts. I knew I'm almost zero at making them, gadgets, gadgets? What was it? How I supposed to structure them nicely? So that they would stand firmly. Nevertheless, I'm creating my own way of designing those pieces of woods and you know what I was awarded, I got a total mark of 1 for my gadgets. Thank you Tuan. I never learnt how to use several types of ties and knots to tight the woods into shapes. What I knew and what I did was all comes from my heart and it's personally in my independent way, so I named the knot as 'Indie Bond'. lol.  :)  The rest activities were okay still, I've used to flying fox before and I'd like it much better in the jungle and I've used to oriented compass, it just need a few more practice to master it.

Well, the days continued but lets put a comma here. Will be continued ...