Wednesday, May 22, 2013

so yahoo bought tumblr...

... and I'm carrying it in blogger because the other alternative is obviously too mainstream. Hek.

I cant help posting this gif hereee!!!
This made my day hohoho. Coolest thing ever. sorry blogger I need to ship this here.

Since David Karp will still be the president, so what the fuss really?
Honestly Im getting quite annoyed (what with my post hahahaha) even though I didnt deny he's cool - hes barely 26 and hes a high school drop out wow but when people call him daddy and god? Thats freaking me out.

Anyway meh since teens are well-known for being emotional, I'd enjoy this moment hehehehhhew.
And here a post is made!!

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Hi David I dont call you daddy is it okay
Of course its okay im millionehhh. Ops not million, its BILLIONEYHHHH DUDE!! So this is CEO Tumblr dan Meyer, CEO Yahoo.
Hey macamana gambar dia boleh ada lagi ni!?


1.1 billion.

For a website.

A billion is 1000 million.

And he's just few years older than you.

What have you done with your life so far..........





Okay okay thats enough.



Yes side note. I see some improvement here. And actually,  I was feeling really sick and helpless. Gambar kat bawah post dalam gambar ni (I didnt printscreen it) adalah gambar perempuan baru kene jerat. Allah!!! Evil gila!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

am i writing about the ipg iv?

Okay this is rather a really quick post. 

Hey if you are watching this now, I mean now when i post this hey its cool if you watch dialog harmoni on tv alhijrah now. The topic is muliakan ibu bapa. Its exactly the things we've discussed in the ipg interview earlier haha. Now I realized there's lot more good stuff we could have talk in the discussion :/

Yeah after long negotiation whether to go or not to the interview because I was so freaking tired, I did go for it! Among the candidates who came, from what I know theres only three budak maahad and one budak kisas ya memang ramai yang sengaja tak nak pergi kan. I slept at two am and supposedly woke up at 4 am to prepare the everythings but ended up waking up at 6 thats quite late and we rushed in the hustle of the super busy kl traffic and I arrived exactly when the  insak exam is about to start at 8.28am. And to my further embarrassment my phone rang and it took me one minute to find where my phone was and excuse me, you should have silent your phone duh. 

Anyway this year there is no individual interview, but only a group discussion based on a video shown.  But I have to say, well I dont really have to, but I didnt talk so much in the group discussion / interview at 11am because erm once Ive started the talking I told ya I could hardly stop. Hoho saya perasan lebih. But honestly I was again, tired and a bit miserable that wore me down. And honestly during the group discussion the topic was a lot about mother vs father. Honestly guy. I'm seriously not interested in arguing whos better. All I said was, hey can we not judge on the stereotypes? Not all men are better than mom just because our father are. I honestly think there should be no prioritization/degradation at all. Mom is of course equally as great as fathers are. I just wanna get out of this endless so called discussion, hope it didnt sound that rude hoho.

And there are questions about being a teacher of course. What are the benefits og being a teacher. How to inculcate love towards parents in class. And again, I cant believe my answer is quite short. I've answered in one complex sentence and ended with 'and yes, thats it'. Omg what happened to me haha. Ikr this is so not me. Thank god the interviewer is so sempoi, in fact the interview doesnt have any intimidating atmosphere at all. So yeah, I'm pretty much enjoying myself there haha.

On the bright side ada hikmah lain aku datang ke sini. I met dayat omg my long ago kawan baik but now he seemed quite quiet, and izzati azlan omg omg shes so crazy I spent 3/4 of my energy rofling and her respectable KU. And here we goooooo, timamamamahhhhh! Omg shes been in hiding or what I swear I havent heard anything from her since decades. The best part was when she suddenly called oppa saranghae! in the middle of the hall and yeah no wonder all the guys there immediately menoleh ke timah (mungkin dengan harapan merekalah oppa yang dimaksudkan?).

We just realised that even though we've been tablemate from form two until form four, we've never ever ever ever take a picture togethah!!! Can you believe it?!! Thanks to mama for suddenly appear to fetch me with a camera in hand! XD

I actually wanna write so many things but hahhhhh ini je laa for the time being. Till then.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

SKETCH 006: upgrading to tumblr!

Because of my never-ending interest, I've finally created an arty blog dedicated to sketches + illustrations yesterday!
It was so random that its called sketchaos (?)

Btw for those who asked how do I sketch, I use paint tool sai (sometimes psd) and a graphic tablet but its really cheap that sometimes it doesnt work and I had to use mouse instead hha.

I used an old version of sai but its always free to download. Apart from it is really light compare to photoshop, it is extremely easy sangat to use. Can be downloaded here

So........ yay! See you there!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Its been awhile I've bookmarked the note as a reminder so today I thought it would be great if I share it. 
Though the author is unknown, dan benda ni dah diperkenalkan kat aku time di maahad, aku masih cukup terasa. BACA!

Life is full of crazy obstacles, but the o­ne that will probably bug you the most and always be getting in the way is the opposite gender. Here, from o­ne sister to another, is a Muslim girl’s guide for how to deal with guys.   
No Touching: Muslims are forbidden to touch any non-Mahram (Mahram is your dad, brothers, father-in-law, husbands, grandfathers, and the siblings of your parents) person of the opposite gender. That means no patting o­n the back, no hand shaking, no pushing, no shoving, no holding hands, and obviously no kissing and all that. If you’re in a difficult situation where you think someone will try to shake your hand, the best thing to do is just smile and say, “My people don’t shake hands” and then explain why. And why, is because we believe a woman’s touch is a privilege and she doesn’t just share it with anyone.
No Flirting: Not even with Muslims, not even in an Islamic school, especially not in a masjid! Flirting means that you’re saying or doing things o­n purpose that make the other person attracted to you. There’s no set criterion for what flirting is, but any girl knows what is and how to do it. Muslim women are supposed to behave better than the average woman, who has to be beautiful for all the men around her all the time, who are trapped behind their looks and o­nly judge themselves to be worthy if half the men they know are in love with them. A wise dude o­nce said, “Don’t start the mower unless you intend to cut the grass”. If you don’t want a guy’s advances, then don’t do anything to earn them. There’s no point in throwing yourself all over guys and trying to seduce half the world. You really o­nly want to marry o­ne guy, and you want to spend the rest of your life with him, and chances are he isn’t going to be some dork you fluttered your eyelashes at in high school.   
No Boyfriends: As a Muslim, you know that having a boyfriend is haraam because it counts as Zina – fornication. Fornication, in easy English, means `sexual sin’. Allah expressly forbids romantic or sexual relationships outside of marriage. When people go against that rule, then you get the typical western society where people play sexual merry-go-round with each other, giving each other STDs [sexually transmitted disease], using and abusing each other, and destroying the sacredness of marriage as an institution. You can’t even be sort of engaged to a guy, and then “date” to get to know each other. In Islam, non-Mahram men and women aren’t allowed to be alone together (that includes talking o­n the phone!), to touch (not even shake hands), or even gaze at each other. It doesn’t matter if the guy you like is Muslim, a great guy and the Prince of England, you can’t date him. 
No Boy—friends: The easiest way to ensure that you don’t end up falling in love with some guy before you’re ready to get married is to avoid making friends with boys. Of course in school you have to interact with boys all over the place, but that doesn’t mean you should be best buds with them. Probably 90% of relationships begin from friendships. Chances are you’re not ready for marriage, your parents aren’t ready to let you get married, you’re still in school/college and your crush is not the sort of fellow you want to spend the rest of your life with, so just avoid being friends with the opposite sex in the first place. It really is the best formula for saving yourself from needless temptation. When you have to talk to boys in school as teammates, lab partners, group members, and peers, it’s best to maintain a distance. That means that you don’t confide in them, you don’t let down your guard, you don’t unnecessarily engage them in needless conversation, don’t joke around, and never flirt. Yeah it may be a little hard, but this is your afterlife we’re talking about. So many great sisters have put themselves in really sticky situations because they allowed a boy to get to know them, and either ended up liking the boy, or having the boy like them. O­nce that happens you either end up becoming a pair (which is HARAAM!), or having to end your friendship. Instead of letting it get to that point, and then having to kill a friendship that you probably worked hard o­n cultivating, you should just stop it before it begins. There are plenty of great girls all around who can be your friends and if you really think o­nly a guy will understand your problem, then talk to your REAL brother, or your father, or an uncle. 
No Talking o­n the Phone with Boys: In Islam its forbidden for non-related guys and girls to be alone together because there is the chance for physical zina, vocal zina, and zina of the eyes. That means, with no o­ne there to watch you guys except that boogery shaitaan, then you might be tempted to actually DO something, or say gross things, or just stare at each other all lustily. With that in mind, it’s also a safe bet to assume that talking o­n the phone with non-Mahram guys is a no-no too. Why? Because unless you’ve both got it o­n speaker-phone and you’re chaperoned by a responsible person, then you’re still kind of “alone” with him. The people in your house can’t hear what he’s saying to you, and his family can’t hear what you’re saying to him. There’s a chance for some bad stuff then, so just avoid it. Not to mention, having some dude saying things into your ear that no o­ne else can hear would be gross in real life, why is it okay for him to talk into your ear via the telephone? For the most part it’s just too intimate. 
Work place: Even in work place keep a distance with the opposite sex, discuss only about the work not more than that, more importantly keep distance, dont involve yourself in lot of giggling etc. When a female smiles it gives the space for a man to come closer for those who have a disease of bad intentions. Always prevention is better than cure.   
Be Disaffected: What does that mean? Disaffected means un-affect-able. That means that nothing a dude can say can hit your nerves, make you blush, or get a reaction out of you. It also means that you are uninterested in what they do as well. Imagine yourself being in an airplane looking down o­n the scenery below. You’re a little interested in what’s going o­n down there, and it may look really nice, but you know that to get to the scenery you have to jump off the plane. Like the scenery miles below you, the guy may look really nice, but you know that to get him you have to jump off the plane …errr…commit spiritual suicide, and though the fall may be fun, you will eventually hit the ground 600 meters below and go -splat– o­n Judgment Day. Maybe even sooner. Short of becoming an ice-princess, being disaffected involves putting up a mental wall between you and all of male-kind. They don’t know your thoughts and you don’t care for theirs. You can interact with guys at school/college within the bounds of Islam, but always maintain a formal distance.   
Dont be so caring: Don’t ask a guy how his infected toe is doing. Don’t give him a hug when he looks down. Don’t offer to help him with his homework. Don’t go out of your way to remind him that you exist, and that you’re not half bad looking. Even if you don’t feel like behaving, make yourself behave anyway, your afterlife is important enough to discipline yourself for.   
The safest philosophy when dealing with guys is remembering this “He’s not what I want, so why should I do anything to make him interested in me? That’ll just make for a painfully awkward situation and it’s not worth the sin anyhow.”   
Remember that you’re always being watched! Would you act all giggly and stupid with boys if the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) could see you? No, right? Because you’d feel like an ungrateful idiot for disregarding the religion that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) took so much pain for just to deliver to you. Well, imagine how ungrateful it is to act like a supreme idiot when Allah can see you all the time, and it’s really stupid to disregard the religion that Allah prescribed, the favors He’s bestowed upon you. How dumb is it to take the eyes that Allah gave you and do things with them that He told you not to? (like goggle at boys?) How much stupider is it that He can see you doing this, and you know it! You have no secrets! Not because Big Brother (whoever that is…) is watching you, but because every single thing you ever did will become public domain o­n the Day of Judgment, and you’ll be brought to trial to defend what you did. Just don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want your parents, your siblings, your teachers, your friends, and the whole world to know about, ok?   
Please note: The above subject is not only for girls but also for boys too, MODESTY IS THE GREATEST THINGS WHICH WE MUST KEEP IT TILL OUR DEATH.

This note is passed to me from a good friend. Its sound harsh, but its really true right.

We promised we'd stop being bestfriend from then on. In fact we have never made any contact after that. Its really hard when you had to stop calling your bestfriend as bestfriend no longer, its real saddening. But we both know its for the betterment. He was a good bestfriend. Had to stop the connection forever before its too late. Thank you for this note anyway.

Its beneficial to me. Hope other girls (boys included) found it useful too.

*p/s: Cmon dear girls take care of your heart. Dont let it fall easily.