Monday, December 14, 2015

Why would I carry an army weapon?

The other day I went to Sainsbury (a store equivalent to kedai runcit/7-Eleven/Mydin/KK-Mart etc) someone repeatedly asked from far 'whats inside?'

I dont realize she's talking to me until I realize her eyes were fixed upon my portfolio tube, the one that architecture students always carry around. And because I was so innocent, here goes my explanation that begins with 'I'm an architecture student and there's architecture stuff inside...' and actually before I can even finish that sentence, she said 'looks like an army weapon' with a very sceptical look and she goes off (leaving me hanging for a second, and laughing for the rest of the day)

Well I never realize this tube would resemble an army weapon to someone lol. Thank God I was in good mood that day.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Visiting the Floating Village of Brockholes, England

Alhamdulillah ni dah trip kali kedua kitorang! Dan lagi best sebab empat hari weh! Trip dulu sehari je. Pastu paling best, lepas habis trip kitorang cuti wooo, sebab reading week haha. Apa ada hal reading week kitorang lecture sehari je dalam seminggu nak revise apa lah sangat haha. 

Dulu senior pernah cerita ambil senibina ni best sebab banyak field trip haha. Tapi tu je lah yang betul-betul best. 

Kitorang singgah Brockholes ni masa dalam perjalanan ke Glasgow. Lokasi dia dekat Junction 31, M6 Samlesbury, Preston. Haa, tau tak kat mana tu. Aku pun tak tau haha sebab jalan masuk nampak macam hutan je, tetiba dah sampai. Cuma hujan renyai-renyai masa kitorang sampai, so yeah. 

Terima lah gambar-gambar saya yang masih tak pandai adjust setting camera haha.

Nampak tak yang dia terapung? Erm, sebenarnya dia terapung. 

Haaa macamana dia terapung yang membuatkan saya teruja. Nanti saya cerita lebih lanjut.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween in Sheffield, England.

I sort of experienced a Halloween night the other day. A festivity that happened every 31 October each year. 

Initially I actually have no plan that night (other than laying in my bed) lagipun aku rasa macam eh boleh ke sambut Halloween ni. But it turned out that my friend, Rubi, asked me if I wanted to do her Halloween make-up, which of course I am kinda excited to do it. Since the day I came to UK, I've already felt like its a waste if all along I didn't learn nor witness their culture. And by the way, I first talked to Rubi because I thought she's Malaysian. I guess I'm terrible in guessing people's identity, because she is actually from Peru haha, and I discovered that Perubian has a sawo matang skin like us as well. And thats basically how our friendship grew. And how I experienced a Halloween night.

We (as in me and my housemates) had some effort in following their culture too, that we were expecting kids to do some tricks or treats, and so, of course we prepared some candies with us. But amazingly and sadly, I met no kids at all!

And fyi, when I said I experienced a Halloween night, its just I went out to see the people and that's all haha. I felt like it was a Comic Fiesta event where everyone wear scary or ghostly costumes everywhere, and it was amazing because EVERYONE is cosplaying (including the folk at all shops).

Yes basically that is all how I felt Halloween is celebrated for = cosplay.

I sort of felt like an achievement too for going out that night because if its not halloween night, going out after 9pm at certain streets is sort of a no no for us girls here in the UK since there's danger of running into drunk people so urgh (esp on weekends).

Some random students we bumped across.

Yes, the event is in our very own Student Union.

I dont go in because I dont have the ticket? Sold out a month before October haha.

The result! Kinda!

Monday, October 19, 2015

First Interim Review Coming Up

Just in case you are wondering my update (or even if you don't), I am currently in University of Sheffield studying first year architecture.

And we are having our very first individual interim review this Tuesday (which is just two days to go) and I am just as clueless as to what I supposed to do and ends up blogging (as usual)

What I know about interim review is, it is a mid way review of how your project is progressing, you explain your ideas and you get critiques and discussion from your peers and tutors (also a chance to see other people progresses and feel inferior and what not).

And basically we're on a second project named 'The Room In The City' that mostly revolved around our own individual room. In my case, my room in the house we rent in Netherthorpe (which I dont really like because of the size and the style, but the style mostly) But to be positive about it, my room is small in size compared to others so yeah it makes my works easier (and lesser I guess?) and I cant deny the fact its so close to arts tower (our studio) which makes my life 99% easier. Guess how close it is? It is literally just a stone throw away. (Not to brag but its three minutes only!)

I really want to add my daily stories here tho! But my life don't only concern about blogging you know haha. Till then!

Here's me contemplating life?

Monday, August 31, 2015

Holiday in Malacca : Klebang Sand Dune

If people would want to come to Klebang, its for three things: Klebang coconut shake, Pantai Klebang (duh obviously) and the Submarine Muzium.

And the fourth one, Klebang Sand Dune if you are a photo enthusiast.

Haha as of this post title, acah je holiday, its more like 'hey we got some spare times before camp start, jom singgah Klebang'. 

I knew it was just a bunch of sand dunes but still, I'd like to peek at the so-called Klebang sand dunes because  pasir Klebang is so famous and instagram hips kids were the reason why. 

Yes I did go to Melaka a few times before (and Pantai Klebang specifically) but never once did I witness a sand dune or some sort of places like those backdrop in Insta. Why?

Because yes, this sand dune is located in some hidden corner of Klebang and definitely not a walking distance from the beach. Waze or simply follow the signboard to Pantai Klebang then trace your way to Muzium Kapal Selam. Its pretty obvious because there's a huge kapal selam! And not far from there then you can see a scenery of egypt-like desert on the far end of the horizon so just follow the road that lead you there! Tak payah belok ke simpang muzium tu, terus je even your road turned rocky into batu-batu kerikil. Nampak kereta banyak gila parking pastu (which I dont think you need my guide here if you go there during weekend since it has became a tourist hotspot anyway)

We didn't know the direction to this place at first that we had to ask the pak cik guard at the beach for direction. Guess what he replied? He asked me where I am from at first. And when I said KL then he goes on 'Orang-orang KL ramai datang buat masalah kat situ' sampailah 'ada kereta terbenam kena keluar 150 ' sampailah conclusion: 'Sorilah dik ye tapi serius cakap jangan pergi situ, paling jauh pun setakat muzium kapal selam tu je. Jangan pergi situ'. 

Sumpah aku tak tanya direction dah bila pak cik tu larang pegi situ. No way I came all the way from KL for this tsk tsk. Pakcik tu pun macam lepas geram. Maka naiklah darah panas aku selaku seorang remaja, lagilah membuak-buak rasa nak pergi haha and naturally it succeed to motivate us (deep down I was actually worried what if our car got stuck too) Thus, I felt the need to give you the direction in case you've been searching for this place.

Good news is, cars aren't allowed to park as close anymore because the aforementioned sand tragedies (there are huge rocks as barriers now) so only motorcycles could pass through. On another note, I'm actually really glad because that could avoid any unnecessary dramas!

But I personally think this place is overrated. I went on Sunday and the crowd wow-ed me. I warn you that you have to walk for 10 minutes to reach the nearest sand dune and another miles to go to other dunes. My 10 minutes walking refer to my jalan laju ok haha, Pergi balik 20 minit la kira. Penat wo.

It can be a fun thing to watch many groups of photographers, hipz instagrammers and brides alike doing photoshoots all over the place, and lepak-lepak dekat the hills since its breezy. We tried to take cool shots but the result.... meh lol. The walking and the weather kot made us macam tak into taking the shot sangat-sangat like others. Tripod pun tak bawak. That pissed me off man. And we didnt even go any further (only the first closest dune that we could reach - which is quite small) because saffa got tired oredy. In fact kitorang pun dah macam walking zombies. Mungkin itulah satu-satunya masa aku pergi Gurun Sahara Klebang ni pasni idk wallahualam.

Nota kaki, we cannot help but to think of padang mahsyar too! T___T

Yes, I know I was eyw sassy enough up there hahahahah.

p/s: So now if you wanna go there, dont say I didnt warn you.

I did!