Thursday, December 30, 2010

Piala AFF Suzuki .

Tahniah Malaysia!

Alhamdulillah kau dapat apa yang kau doa-doakan XD . Pergh .. Tahniah En. Rajagobal, you take the dare to bring the youth squad, and they worked out soo well! Aku tak percaya aku tengok bola tadi. Best2... Best jugapart penjaga gol negara time nak selamatkan bola - mesti dive ke,terbang ke, haha stylo habis ;))) Haha tak pasal-pasal melonjak-lonjak % blog makwe dia, hence menambahkan bilangan peminat beliau haha... Apapun marilah kita terus mencintai Malaysia! Hehehe... ;DDD Pesal aku rasa patriotik sangat nih? =="

And congratulation to Indonesia as well!! you guys were sooo energetic! Honestly thats really a great game, and yeah great keeper and all!! Hehe, btw best gila kot surf Twitter time match, sana-sini potpetpotpet. Ramai juga Indonesian yang menerimanya dengan terbuka, ( and we both agree that we have an amazing keeper ) dan tentulah banyak komen ( dan lawak-lawak) ; ada yang komen pasal tangan si keeper itu - ngapain ada dimana2 aja!?? Haha, gelak-gelak aku baca.. Okaylah, we love you too alright! We dont hate, we just heart! ;)) Okay dah lah tu. Stop blabbering, here's a bunch of photos which I simply copied from Google my bestie ;D

Man in the middle, what are u saying ha? Uhuu T__T
Ok yang ni saja letak ;)
Wait is this the same man above? omo...
*Well now especially for those who missed the match and simply want the review , click here !
**And in case u wanna welcome our heroes, the Malaysian team will be arriving at KLIA at bout 2 pm tomorow.. ;)))

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sedar tidak sedar

Pergh tak buat apa-apa lagi =,=" Dan nah, aku tujukan lirik-lirik ini untuk sekolahku tercinta ;DD
A Little Too Not Over You :

Maaf .

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

working with food

Few photos of random home-made food we had during this holidays.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Eventually . . . Its Still A Mystery Event . . .

Animated Graphics, Cute Graphics, Cute Animated Graphics
Assalamualaikum. ( Jawab ) Dah berhabuk dah . Hari tu pergi Balai Seni Lukis Negara, tapi tak bawak kamera. Menumpang ihsan orang je lah haha. Okay stop. Masuk cerita.

Well, a day before I got my PMR result we went there supposedly to attend the Rantai Art Event. Well, this is how it was supposed to look like.

Okay, thats it. You can see many booth right? Yea, I would expecting something like that too. But then, I dunno, something went wrong while I was there..Unfortunately, I couldnt see anything.. Not totally nothing but those booth weren't there.. Too sad, too bad isnt? Plus it was raining, and I dunno , the weather played its role to make that place seemed gloomy.

Well since I couldnt catch any glimpse of the rantai booth ( except for the Khat booth down there and some artworks ) so we went inside directly, which luckily, the talk from Sue Anna Joe was still on! Haha at least! I'm not dreaming, there's an event here! Yay! Photography Talk! We're late though, so for sure there's a lot of stuff we missed.

"Rawrrrr....." HEHE.
Photo from here.
Serius gaya cikgu kan?
Photo from here
Anyway, she was sooo cool and steady, sempoi and santai and macho. Er haha buang lah macho tu. Well she showed us her own collection of awesome photos and gave a brief description each and blablablabla
and kept reminding the needs of being creative. You wouldnt believe it, guess what, most of her photos were taken in her own house and the models was no one else but herself. Cool isnt?

Okay. Now this one, if I'm not mistaken, she said this is the one that won the International Photography Award ( or somthing ) , haha wow super COOL lagi! Well simply it means that you didnt need that sexiness or whatever to make your photo interesting, even though you're hijabing urself or such, if you have that skills so there you go.. Ok, back to the photo. And hmmm while she's explaining, I kept wondering.... 'Dekat mana dia shoot ni eh? and wondering.......... 'Masjid mana?' And wonder .... 'Turki ke?'

Tuptup, guess what!? Haha, Kak Anna cakap background itu adalah permaidani! Haha, simply a carpet ! And we the audience were like 'Haa?! Whattt?!!' Yeah, I've forgotten her concept of bergambar-di-dalam-bilik ;)) Thumbs up Kak! So far, I got many meaningful lessons to be used on that day. Hahah tulah sapa suruh tak datang? ; )

Okay now, nak sambung ke berhenti?

Hahah, sambung sikit eh. Since I seriously didnt see ANY rantai booth there so we went to other galleries there. There were many though; like Bakat Muda Sezaman, and I cant remember the others. Seronok ada, best ada . My parents bought a lot of art stuff there, they said it worth it. Hahah. So I recommend you guys to go there and go buy anything hahah ( even the rantai had ended now... ) And we left the Balai around 6++, to see that ALL the existing booth were CLOSED ( including the khat booth ) . Apakah?! Cett, entahlah.

I dunno what to say , and I cant even answer why the booth were closed - I assumed because its raining... Instead, I just saw a photo of the Rantai event area which is full of booth just now ( blog sape entah ). Nampak meriah. Amazingly I didnt see it... (???)

So eventually I was disappointed and both envying the other peoples who could see those booth in reality and buy great stuff there. Huargh T____T . Until now, I'm still perplexed WHY?! (if you ask me)

* We ran into Fizo Omar - with the rest Siti Di Alam Fantasi crew - at Istana Budaya then. And disappointment flew away ;DDDDD

Patriotik Bukan Sekadar Bulan Ogos

Permainan bola sepak berlaser malam ini tamat dengan keputusan Malaysia menewaskan Indonesia ( kalah tanpa gol ) dengan angka tiga ;D

Tapi sangkaan aku ternyata meleset bilamana hantu-hantu Internet terus bertanding di dunia maya. Gila la diorang ni. Steady je la kan kalah menang adat pertandingan. Hahaha... tengok betapa ramai orang mengomel #malaysiacheatlaser tak puas jiwa :)) Aku cepat2 sign out oh, haish tak tahan ...

Saja tayang, suka perkataan kt belakang lencana nih. Google tq.

Gambar jersey biru tu tak de pulak time2 ni.. Kat dobi agaknya, nak cuci haha. Janji TAHNIAH Malaysia !

XOXO :))

Sunday, December 26, 2010

kepala serabut

Aku penat-lelah buat header baru, pastu tuptup tengok dah takde! Huargh, sedih gila, macam nak nangis je oh. Pastu geram aku buat kepala baru, main taram2 je lah . Random. Serabut. Tapi boleh laa. Selamat menikmati.

tidak tersenyum .

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Better Cover


PMR results .

Today I'd like to write something longer than you write. Haha sorry if its annoying u guys...

It was around 6 , I was in the airport and not to mention, I was wearing the school uniform.

I know it was totally weird, plus having those stares from strangers were making me really really uncomfortable but I've got no choice, I'm going straight away to the school after that. No one else know that though, except for my family of course. Result would be out soon.

I couldnt predict what I would get from my slip because I've forgotten how I answered my exam papers and how I felt at that time. I didnt felt anything . I didnt have any dream or whatsoever ideas what would happened. Okay so thats it, nothingness haha.

But the first time my nerves impulse started to work was when I arrived at the hall - not because of the result I would get in a few minutes - but because Shaunie had whispered something to me, something I couldnt accept it at first, or I thought maybe I've heard it wrong, but it wasnt, what she told was a news.

"Only 67 candidates got straight A . . . "

Goodness, that was freaky! I've became to an abrupt spasm all of a sudden. I'm so sorry teachers. We're sorry, we didnt mean it. We could do better . . .

I dunno what was happening then, seriously . I just sit and hide from others because I just couldnt be with others and talk and guess what we'll get. But I couldnt stand it too, so I went to the back of the hall. But then thank God my name was announced.

I dunno. I saw peoples smile and startled and afraid, I heard cries and laughters.

I heard the word TAHNIAH here and there. Yes, thank you. But then for what? Tahniah for those who got 9A result but why? Was it for the same reason we say tahniah to the others , or what? And more importantly, is it a genuine congratulation? Is it sincere? Or else?

Okay nevermind. I cant think of anything else, and I shouldnt accuse things this and thats so I wanna give the BIGGEST
for everyone who got their slip yesterday! Everyone should be happy isnt it?

Remember, it is so bad to differentiate and compare peoples. Because once in the God's view we're just the same and only faith - the thing we arent able to judge - distinguish us. I wonder what will it feels like in the Hereafter? Obviously something more & more unpredictable, Ya Allah . . . Semoga sesuatu yang lebih baik menanti kami kelak . . .

Nevertheless , for everything He'd given us these days, ALHAMDULILLAH . All praises to the Only God, Allah SWT.

Fabiayyi alai rabbikuma tukazziban ?

Okay and erm just asking, dah sujud syukur? ;DD

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ah, kamera2. Tak habis-habis nak buat aku jeles. Urgh. =.="

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

After All Those Wings Will Take You Up So High

Sambil Aku Kerja Sambilan,


Aku tak pandai nak bercerita. Aku tak ada skill. Tapi ini pengalaman; dan berharga. Once In A Lifetime mungkin? Siapa tahu kan. Jadi biar aku sambung dengan semberono . . .

Cuti-cuti macam ni aku tak tahulah apa korang buat - mesti ada yang belajar memandu, membaca, memasak, berenang ke main piano; gitar, biola atau sekian-sekian . Aku pun belajar juga , untuk bekerja. Eceh.

Kelmarin Kak Wani nak mesej-mesej dan aku tak dapat nak balas haritu so aku terus jawab 'I've got 2 work'. Hahahhh beggar betul. Sebenarnya abang aku ajak kerja jadi caterer sekejap. Jadi sekali dengan kakak aku dgn member dia dalam empat orang, kitorang gerak sampai ke destinasi dekat Sg. Tangkas kalau tak silap, dekat je dengan Sg. Ramal - dekat sekolah aku tu heh.

Kitorang menginap dekat asrama situ, sekali dengan pekerja-pekerja dia yang peramah - baik - segala lah. Mak Cik Towkey tu pun ramah dan sangat baik! ( Aku tak tahu nama dia tapi aku teka mesti mula dengan huruf B sebab syarikat dia nama ArBe, hehe . ) Lagi, tempat tu memang rasa aman betul. Belakangnya ada kebun sikit, belakang lagi kandang kambing, lepas tu railway KTM. Dari situ memang boleh tengok semua ni, serius, tenang gila rasa, aman je. Kalau KTM lalu memang berdesing ah telinga. Tapi tenang-tenang pun malam tu aku tak boleh nak lelap, sebab mata kebal ke, cuak ke apa entah lah lagi-lagi dengar suara budak-budak tingkat bawah. Memang tak boleh. Pukul 1++ pagi - sekali kakak yang sebilik dengan kitorang ni bangun bersiap untukk kerja, sedangkan dia baru balik kerja pukul 10! Terperanjat aku. Memang macam ni eh kerja? Berkorban untuk tidur yang sedikit dan bersengkang mata di awal pagi buta. Aduhai. Takut aku tengok. T_T Okay cukup.

Lepas tu, hari berikut , bersarapan dan ada sesi briefing oleh Mr. Towkey, Pak Cik Ramli ( kot ) . Hari tu ada 3 event , maka kami terpecah kepada tiga kelompok tu; satu di UKM, satu di Putrajaya dan satu di UNITEN. Kira maju syarikat catering ni. Hebat!

Aku dengan kakak dapat masjid UNITEN. Nabil pulak dekat Putrajaya. Kami bertolak dulu dan sampai je sana semuanya dah siap, sebab diorang dah setting semalam. Jadi pagi tu tak buat banyak benda, susun-susun meja sikit, pasang skirting, ( aku tak buat ni tapi usha lama-lama, nak tiru skill hehe ), bunga-bungaan, last touch-up and of course the food. Tiba-tiba dah nak tengahari sikit, datang segerombolan pasukan dari SMK Bandar Rinching, berpakaian macam kitorang cumanya seragam, dan tiba-tiba mula menghidang lauk-pauk di meja tetamu VIP. Aih, pelik ni. Ingatkan budak-budak sekolah yang nak buat choir , sengaja rajin tulang menolong, tapi lama-kelamaan diorang makin cocentrate pulak menolong, hesh okay, mungkin bukan menolong, bekerja.

Ye, lupa aku nak sertakan; gerombolan itu juga berbow tie. Maka automatik merekalah yang lebih smart. T_T
Rupanya betul la, mereka tu budak-budak yg akan praktikal di bahagian VIP. Diorang tanya itu-ini, ibarat aku caterer yang tahu semua! Heh, aku part-time juga, sama macam kau jugak sebenarnya.Terperanjat aku bila diorang cakap diorang tu Form Four as in Tingkatan Empat! Wah adik! Dah besar tu dik. Hahaahh, saje je bajet tua. Last-last aku mengaku jugak aku masih muda Form Three as in Tingkatan Tiga, so tak payahlah ber-akak2 lagi. Cukuplah, aku rimas ( dan geli hati ) faham? Oklah, biar lah cemtuh. Dan kerja pun terus berjalan. Hahaha, penat tak terkira lah nak tulis. Aku jaga kaunter depan, yang sangat hot dengan ribuan tetamu. Kaki ni terlampau lenguh dek asyik merefill, refill, refill dan refill lauks. Lagi, kalau lauk tu tumpah, lap. Kalau tisu nak habis, tambah.. Kalau sudu garfu sikit, ambil lagi, Fuuh. Kalau gelas kurang, letak lagi. Tulah kerjanya saaammmmpaaaaiiiiiii petang . . ( ´Д`)

Potpetpotpet. Pukul 4 kami mula mengemas. Meja-meja mula ditogelkan dan segala hiasan dilenyapkan sedikit demi sedikit. Dan yang paling mencabar . . . . menyapu! Aduhai mak cik! Memang kat sekolah saya tak pernah ditugaskan menyapu sebab kawan saya sendiri dah tahu saya menyapu pelik, sejujurnya saya tak pandai nak menyapu! Lagi-lagi di atas karpet, guna penyapu rumi pulak! Dugaan, dugaan. Nak suruh orang lain, segan pulak, dah yang part-time cuma kitorang berdua je ah perempuan lagi lain lelaki, lelaki angkat2 je, tak main sapu2 ni kan. Part menyapu nilah bagi aku paling mendera, tangan rasa kebas sangat tetapi terpaksa ku gagahkan jua. ヽ(`Д´)ノ

Tapi penat-penat pun,akhirnya aku mrasa sangat seronok.⊂二二二( ω)二⊃ Wehee. Pernah kau datang tempat kahwin orang sebelum makanan sampai? Pernah ke kau rasa panik gila tengok lauk nak habis bila pergi majlis kahwin tu? Pernah rasa orang tanya-tanya pasal majikan kau? Pasal catering kau kerja ni? Pernah rasa main lari-lari sambil angkat dulang semua ? Pernah kau jumpa pengetua masa tengah gelabah heret lauk ? Hehehe, malangnya aku tak tegur pengetua tu, disebabkan tugas di tangan. Bila aku letak je dulang tersebut, aku lihat bayang pengetua sudah hilang dari pandangan. Oh no!!!

Tapi . . . ahhh ... Pengalaman ini . . . Tidak mungkin kulupakan, haha. Dapat member-member baru . Dapat ilmu lagi. Ah, satu lagi; fulus atau korang kenal dengan label $$$. Adakah ia benar-benar seronok atau aku seorang yang terlampau eksaited ? Wallahualam.

Biarkanlah Si Tomoi dari Mr. Google ni bermain-main dulu.

Yo! Aku ternampak ni! Haha ibaratkan waiter tu sebagai caterer! ;DDD

Maafkan aku kerana entri ini terlampau panjang. Aku betul-betul penat.
Selamat ; )

Monday, December 20, 2010

Rantai.Art Minggu Ini Weyh!

  • Monday 20th December 2010

    10 AM - 10 PM
    Art Exhibition

    8.30 PM - 10 PM
    Performance by: The QUMS Actors

    1) Mime performances "Mime In Action 3" by ASH, Cairell & SEFA
    2) Rehearsed reading "Nasi Lemak 0.1" by
    3) Teater pendek "Ketopat Oh Ketupat"

    Special apperance of Shamsul Rahman Mohamed Kutty (Dr.Shark), lecturer from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) in:

    1) Monologue "Terrorist In Custody"
    2) Dialogue "Hmm..Oh..Hmm"

    Tuesday 21st December 2010

    10 AM - 10 PM
    Art Exhibition

    10 PM - 6 PM
    Storytelling Workshop by: Unggul Film Academy

    8.30 PM - 10 PM
    Performances by: The QUMS Actors

    1) Mime performances "Mime In Action 3" by ASH, Cairell & SEFA
    2) Rehearsed reading "Nasi Lemak 0.1" by
    3) Teater pendek "Ketopat Oh Ketupat"

    Special apperance of Shamsul Rahman Mohamed Kutty (Dr.Shark), lecturer from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) in:

    1) Monologue "Terrorist In Custody"
    2) Dialogue "Hmm..Oh..Hmm"

    Wednesday 22nd December 2010

    10 AM - 10 PM
    Art Exhibition

    3 PM - 6 PM
    Photography Talk by: Sue Anna Joe

    8 PM - 11 PM
    Short Film Screening & Poem Recital & Acoustic Performance by: Frinjan

    Thursday 23rd December 2010

    10 AM - 10 PM
    Art Exhibition

    4 PM - 6 PM
    Lomography Workshop by: LomoKids

    8 PM - 10 PM
    Short Film Screening
    • Primat Berbulu Bukit Merah ( Documentary ) ( 27 minutes )
    • Maria ( 11 minutes )
    • Penghuni
    • Pecah
    Friday 24th December 2010

    10 AM - 10 PM
    Art Exhibition & Booth

    3 PM - 7 PM
    Acoustic Performance & Poem Recital

    8 PM - 10 PM
    Short Film Screening
    • Klips 50 Tahun Merdeka ( 20 minutes )
    • Pemburu Buaya Darat ( 10 minutes )
    • Pemandu Pelancong ( 10 minutes )

    Saturday 25th December 2010

    10 AM - 10 PM
    Art Exhibition
     & Booth

    12 PM - 4 PM
    Acoustic Performance & Poem Recital

    10 AM - 10 PM
    Art Exhibition & Booth

    12 PM - 4 PM
    Acoustic Performance & Poem Recital

  • Originally taken from

  • Jom support ;)

    Saturday, December 18, 2010

    Everybody was talking about harry potter 7 . . .

    . . . how mesmerizing and how fantastic they were. And it seemed so very interesting in my eyes but I cant watch the movie either. So enviously I'm rereading the Harry Potters Book, finished the 6th book weeks ago :'(  I've draw some sketches that accidentally look pretty similar to some HP characters, so I used them.

    Fleur Delacour ( well at first it's Quinn Fabray, the Glee.) 
    A random HP men. Too lazy to color them haha.

    So thats all; Harry Potter. 
    Love you, muahahahah. ;))

    Friday, December 17, 2010

    And I love shoes and sneakers and toys and robots

    Ah Toy Story... Dia mengingatkan aku kepada kisah doludolu aku . . .