Thursday, December 31, 2009

i'm doing nothing.

Last Sunday, we send Nabil off to Rawang. He attend the Mokhdar camp for a week, so meaning that I should be able to see him again after another two weeks, even if 'balik wajib' that weekend.

Incidentally, abah met his old friend & had
some chat with him.

Then, we headed to Damansara, my mother's secondcousin are getting married.
Yes, we had a very good time.  :)
 Here the bridgegroom have arrived.

Abah, Tok Su & another Atok. Men's bussines.


electric shock. (!)

Maahad Hamidiah is under transformation right now. & so do the students. You have heard the news - the news that make people mad, excited, nervous, angry, & 1000 other unexpected reaction. The students's streaming are seriously insane.

This & that, here & there, we have been mixed for a reason we try to understand. We try to figure out what the message of all this. Maybe in this position, all of us can strike for the PMR with more confident or  we can make such a strong & good relationship or else we can know ourself better. Who know?

Now I've opened my eyes- to see that we are not descriminated by any levels, not separating by class, not dividing by who's the smartest or who's the worst but we are mainly in the same n the same batch, or I would prefer to say the same class. 

Dont worry my friends, we'll make it through. You know, we'll make it.

& just now, I'm listening to the renewed schools' anthem, which I have stated before. It's pretty cool, the music is a bit in egyptian melody, & the others are just slightly different. Hahah, as Uztaz Zainaphi's words 'KP yang bertugas sering mengeluarkan suara ke laut, gunung dan bukit - bukau.' All the best 2010!

We'll make it!

1/2 2009 + 1/2 2010 = check the answer in your calendar.

Oooh bad.  It's 31st Disember now - the very last day of 2009.

Luckily I've read other's blog yang mengatakan "hari terakhir 2009" & yg seumpamanya. Wallamak. Kalau tak memang tak ingat laahh - the word 'school' is seriously annoying now. Haha, even if I try to understand the calendar now, it's too late, i have messed things up  & my brain can't work properly & cant even count the days exactly-due to the supergubra emotion I have with me now.

I've even miscommunicated with Zana just because the days & the date & later on thanks Aina for telling me that today is 31st Dis which is equal to Thursday, & yesterday was 30th - Wednesday. I'll notice that.

Thank you.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Will it?

Just a few more days, then I'll left my home & this lovely laptop & heading to Kajang for a fortnight. Well, I am already Form Three! Err, yes well not officially but roughly, yes the burden of the PMR is now are attacking us.

Again just now, I exploring the Facebook. And, you know what I know right? I was like, 'Kenapa tak bagitahu dari awal?' but at the same time, yes Alhamdulillah at least I've unpurposely knew it.

Readers! Notice this: Everyone have been informed officially that the registration of Hostel students will be held at the Al-Syafie Hall, but then suddenly Uztaz wrote that 'for f2 until f5's registration will be held at Dewan Syurahbil.' Hahah, ok, registration at Syurahbil's Hall  aka  DM MAKAN PUTERA. That's pretty suprising, the whole large main hall is reserved for the new first former?! Okey, whatever. *Shrugged. We'll just wait & see whatever will happen.

& before, Uztaz told the Ya Maahadi anthem have been renewed by those the boys from *sorry MIRWANA G14 accompanied with a music! Yes, to give some fresh music's note & rythm. Well, thats fascinating. I wonder how it will sound like? More patriotic? More energetic? More rythmic? *Shrugged. Oh ok then. Whatever will be, will be.

& later on, Uztaz wrote again 'f5&4IBS - the new block, f4 - the library's block, f3 - the office's one..blablabla...'. Haha, thats sooo addicting. The arrangement are basically base on our grade. Like the phrase, first come first serve. Eerr..does it match? lol. Nvrmind. *Shrugged. Hmpph, whatever happen, we'll just wait & see.

'Que Sera, whatever will be- will be.'

*btw, i've got this from the school's site.Congrat! Seriously- i'm jelous with you guys + u'r in the papers!



Monday, December 28, 2009

I never Knew Where My Garbage Goes Until ....

..... i watched this stuff, check it out.

*Tought you should know too!
------------------YOU AREN'T BLIND, i know.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

the very last word before 2010.

It's raining heavily now, shaking me like a monster harsh grip. But it really doesnt matter. The only thing that make me unsettled & even worse are about the year i will left in a few days more!

But a miracle happened, and keep me calm & grew happilyy. Thankfully, I've finished preparing my school stuff 80% yesterday. But I ended by buying a shoe with some white lines which make me a bit worried to wear it to the school then. Nvrmind, i dont want to bother you with that.

About 2 in the midnight yesterday, I was figuring out how the facebook work & I was exploring  the world wide web. And guess what? 'Its like picking up a miracle off the sidewalk, like kitten in the box.'

Yes. Its shocking. The moment started to widen the range of my curiosity. Actually it's about AFS. It's very suprising me even it is merely concern about those well-achievement-student. The three word make me anxious but I dont care. I will dream whatever I wish so please dont ask me why. :))

What I need right now, are a set of advanced skill & some useful method to resolved the language problem, both English and Arab severely. Will I make it? For sure, I wouldnt shrugged. I'm gaining the experience full of knowledge!

The holiday are almost over. Seriously, its OVER! So, hurry up! Finish those unsettle work! And grab your things. We're going to school! :))

By the way, this holiday wasnt really bad after all. I've make many new friends throughout the web, penpals are fun! I have explored the site which I found thousand of great site, ohh its awesome & soo cool! & the homework, thankGodness wasnt very burdening. I'm glad. Whatever it will be, 2010 are standing just behind the door. Wait, & we'll open it!InsyaAllah.

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose. Bill Gates.

I hate to say it but,
honestly, its fun to have people hear what you've babling all about.
Bahahhhh. :)
Thank you for reading. Heheheh.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

edisi backtoschool II

Isn't it obvious? Those are nerdos only would understand it.

sepatahdua kata.

Selalu kita mimpi macam2. Nak itu & nak ini, teringin tu dan tu, jadi macam tu & macam ni... Blablablabla. Tapi kalau nak rajin macam semut & berjaya macam sahabat takpun gembira dlm hidup dunia akhirat. Kenapa jadi malas? Kenapa jadi lalai? & kenapa leka?

Erghhh, teruk rasanya hidup kalau rohani mati. Dan memang sangtsangat indah kalo kita hidup dengan hati  mulia, & semuanya akan jadi indah lagi mengindahkan. Cewaahh. Apepun, selalu2lah bagi peringatan, aku ni, manusia biasa yang sangatsangat cepat leka. Kalau sekarang aku tegur kau, satu hari nanti, apaapa terjadi pulak, kau akan tegur aku, kan?
Sesiapa yang diberati menanggung sesuatu urusan menjaga & memelihara anakanak perempuan,lalu ia menjaga dan memeliharanya dengan baik nescaya mereka menjadi pelindung baginya daripada api neraka.
                                                                                                                                     [Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidzi.]
Tugas sebagai kawan, sebagai daie samasama kita bawa macam ringan sama dijinjing berat sama dipikul.


Dan terima kasih. :))

malam selasa & makanan.

Assalamualaikum WBT.

Sayu je malam ni, hehhh.Ergh. Oke, tu perasaan samar-samar je kot. Hahahh. Kawan-kawan semua pergi tuisyen, belajar, &stuff, lalu meninggalkan aku terbiar sorang diri kat sini. Adoi. Hahahahh, layan perasaan laa pulak.

Apapun, marilah kita ke segmen bercerita!

Semalam, Cik Li ngan Cikgu Masuriya datang bertandang. Diorang tu kawan blog mak aku. Disebabkan diorang selalu komen & such maka termaktublah persahabatan mereka. Waah, seronok cenggitu.

Sebagai kesinabungannya, mak aku pun masaklah pelbagai juadah yang enak dan lazatlazat belaka. Ohhh penuh meja makan, sampai meja kopi kat tengah tu pun padatt! Okeh, yang tu biasa2 lah. Tapi seronok lah sebab makanan2 tu tak habishabis sampai hari ni. Hahhahahahhh. Aku dan makanan memang tak boleh dipisahkan. Wahahhahahha.. Makanan2 tu aku yang baham, sebab orang lain cam buat bodo je tengok bendebende tuu. Hhehehhhh. Hahhh, nape cerita pasal makanan pulak ni?

Erghh. Lapar pulak. Ergh aku tak beli satu hapak barang sekolah lagi, hehhehh risau habis stok. Cewaahh.

Apapun, itulah ceritanya. Seronok mak aku sebab tu kali pertama jumpa. Memang terperanjat masa tahu rupa2nya rumah tuan punya blog tu betulbetul di sebelah rumah kiteorang. Hehhhh, LP8! Borak & borak dan akhirnya pukul 11.30+- mereka beransur pulang. aku bagi link ni, free. Hehhh.Cik Li & Cikgu Mas.


Terima kasih kerana membaca. :))

*maaf kerana bahasa.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

the friday & thejournal.

Todayyy, is a dayy i should say yeayyy yeayyy again.


Just to spend a very few minutes between the Solat Jumaat period, we decided to go to the Fabulous Food Malaysia Festival at PWTC.  Mainly all the booth are Chinese! Weird, as I tought it's suppose to be the-so-called 1 Malaysia Fabulous Food. But what appear in my eyes were obviously Chinese food were conquering the whole festival hall, three Malay booth: 1 Tempe Man, 1 Coklat Dazzle, 1 sambal tempe booth, & a foreigner booth, with no Indian food or either Iban, Kadazan or such. Somehow, the Kementerian Pelancongan should take more action for that unbalance 1Malaysia Fabulous Food hehh.

Ni sume dekat Cina  punya bahagian.

Gila promosi~

Yes, a bit fishy, but dont deny it is a dessert maa.

But anyway, the free food tasting are seriously  fabulous & marvellous enough no doubt, hahhhahh.Each time the taster dishes came to be served on the desk; in their so fresh&good-looking, people, everyone are almost likely competing to grab that very golden opportunity by munching every piece of the food as fast as they can. Grr, the right somehow went wrong,& now i dont think the phrase 'First Come First Serve' are the best solution to make things 'fair' enough.

Right after we performed the Zuhur Prayer, we headed into The Mall Putra Place. IQ Pintar is waiting 4 me up there on the 25th floor! Well actually I wasnt planning to attend this program as I would never care for it. Until one day, Jehaada cames & asking me to through her message. & I said 'Ok!' as I ought it would bring so much fun!

And now you know, she is the one who lead me here (No, i'm not in the blaming-her mood.)And the idea of bringing Mama & also Kakak participating in this course was also brought by Jehaada & I tought 'ahh. okey juga.'
Hahahahh, as ecpected, Jehaada sit beside me & keep me accompanied 24hours, hahhh. lucky? Ehh, akk baju pink, idk ur name, but anyway it's nice to spend that moment & get 2 knowu.bleeghhh.

The program was just okey, but there is a lot of things they have to improve, from every angle. The technique they show us, by the way, are quite simple, & too easy. Well, she didnt explain how to apply that technique in other situation & She didnt even tell us a brief description about what she's doing, about the so-called-technique she did. I dont really care about that if it wasnt about the smaller children there.Or else they might think that that tecnique was only for the class that until whenever will be just a class. It is a big possiblities it will become a useless.

I'm sure this unexplained matter will then be answered by the word, 'If you want more, so do come over the next seminar. It worth it, RM 2000.' Like 2000? I shrugged, will never I say I want.& one more thing, if the intention we come to school everyday, we learn the whole syllabus just because we want to earn money, that's meaningless. Crap!

What if the degree we have doesnt bring us the 'money' in future?
Was it worth it?

It doesnt.

Meaning that whatever we do, just make sure our intention are right. It doesnt matter if what we expected  doesnt happened, so let us hope for the Hereafter rewards. Rewards from the Almighty, Allah SWT.

The post have come to the end. Well I'm not suppose to write a long post anyway. As teacher usedto say it will increase the grammar mistakes.Deeply I hope I could use a proper grammar & somehow it will effect & enhance my english mark. But somehow something went wrong, mispelled and etc.I should do no more typing now. Till then.

Bye now.! >.<



Friday, December 18, 2009

it's a *MAGIC!

Y e e y y y h h h   .   y e y y y h h h h .

I've got a present! Magic colour maa, the one I have begged for daily-24 hours. Hehhhh. Just an ordinary one, well it is as simple as others. It have 20 colours only, just reasonable with it price of only 1/2 RM10. I'm not absurd, (denying) it just that I never own a MAGIC colour since I was in kindergarten. ~^_^~ I dunno why I'm too excited.~!hhehhh

Hehh, Dah dpt terus main!

*do u believe it??? Wahhhhhh, i've got a magic! hhhhehhhh.

V for Victory or M for Menang?

"Mamak, teh tarik seplo!" 



"Mamak! Teh tarik satu lagi!"

The warung kopi is crowded with either men or women, the major are men definitely. Gathering for a gold medal after the long harsh two decade we wait & wait. 'Wahhh,1-0 for Malaysia!' The exuberance are clearly obvious. Malaysian are cheering & enjoying the day after the long exhausted period. Just in time, the new year comes, & the unbelievable success achieved.

I wasnt in front of the television when the result had been on screen, not even in the house. I was in Mariott Hotel, spending two hours++ as my mum & I accompanied my father who have a formal function there. Siting in the lounge, with my mum, & doing almost nothing was tiring enough. Yes we didnt deny the furnisher & the structure are marvellous; the big chandelier, the large Christmas tree, all the embelishment are decorated nicely which then create a form of elegance impact, but the scene was enjoyable at nothing. Ergh it isnt very bored I think, yeh at least I've had a fresh rich breathe there. :)) A rotund voice belonged to a singer from the bar at the corner echoed non-stop, the men at my back are clapping happily for the entertainment. Entertainment? Well I doesnt think so.

One Message Receive

Oh! Just then we heard the news that, Malaysia won? Ahhhah, Alhamdulilah! The letter V for Victory are not only for the letter V itself (Vietnam). Anyway.the little Malaysia's tiger have roared!

One Message Receive

Again, the story of the victory was informed.That was the time when all the Malaysia at last celebrate the match with relief & satisfaction, and the viatnamese left frustrated..Well, it's just the beginning. The journey is still very long. Maal hijrah, new year comes, the new book have just opened. So do the Malaysia team, their journey has just begun, steps & steps will they take to barier the greater success. Not only them, so do us, we, ourselves especially.  Does we have what it takes to be the real mu'min? That's the question, & there left the answer; mu'min or fasik.

The bell have rang. Time is up! We have been alarmed for such a long period for an action, for a change. It's enough we have hit the snooze button for many times. Now, it's the end, let us wake up, enough with the dreams. The deadline is over. And the new task have begun. Wake up! Today is a great new day!

May this new year lead us to a new chapter of life. New meaning,new pages, with a greater achievement, greater behaviour and a better 'us'. RENEW our mission, & shoot for the goal!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Act now!

Salamualaikum. Posting today have been my hobby.

As an issue, I tought Copenhagen Climate Change Conference is a good topic for us to alarm with. I never knew what the hell Copenhagen was before.

I hope the planet earth will remain safe & healthy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i've make it already!

Ada satu macam pertandingan yang hadiahnya akan dapat seperti gambar yang tertera di hujung pos. Wahahaha, menarik! Kak Nasuha, baik hatinya telah berkata:
Tadaaaaaa!!Inilah giveaway yang dijanjikan!blabla...saya nak memberi kepada salah seorang manusia yang bertuah!

Heheheh, pemenangnya akan dicabut bertuah oleh Maman!~ *siapakah Maman? Adik kak nasuha laah.

Maka aku buatlah pos ni, bukannya susah`~~
Ms. Promoter says: Lebih lanjut, mari klik sini!~
Yang ni pula gambar kad yang akak tuh buat. Nggee.. Aku tak payah cakap, korang pun tau ia c****!


Greeting word from the writer,

Currently I've had a bad headache. Due to that, I cant stick in front the PC longer, or else the dizzy will make me even worse. Alhamdulilah, i'm glad that today i've been in the place again, wondering & pondering things & wonderful stuff. Admiring it only is enough, it would be my pleasure anyway.

It's a bit complicated to make an order from here (Asia), well since theHQ was in US. But this momiji doll (the last one,holding the big-red letter& heart) was created by Kong Soo,& he's from Malaysia maa.Too cute.

Nope, I wont buy it for an insane reason, each cost $16-$17.50.Nvrmind, the wishlist will be continued.

Friday, December 11, 2009

iklan & realiti

Hahah, tajuk nak gempak je.Semalam, aku tengok cerita kartun animasi  Upin Ipin. Cerita GENG tu lah.

Masa iklan,aku tertengok iklan Streamyx kalau tak silap, ada yang orang ramai nyanyi2  ngan band Bunkface tuh. Sekali aku tengok muka lelaki yang jadi guitaris Bunkface tuh, sebijik macam muka seseorang.

I was viewing my brothers blog. Catching his up-to-date activities photos. One of the photo, was when the so-called-band, Bunkface was performing on stage. Then I saw a pic of him with his friends lined up in front the stage. Ahahah, i asked him, as he was passing over me.

          "Kenapa jacket yang dia pakai ni macam rambut dia? Serius realistik!"
          Hahahhahahahahahhahahahahhhhahahahahah. I was gigling histerically.
          "Huh, mana ade. Tu rambut betul dia lah."
Lol. I tought his was wearing fur jacket. Ahah, it was obviously false!

          "Pergh, dasyat nya rambut dia!"

Oh! aku terus teringat, guitaris dia tu kawan abang aku la cam tu! Rambut dia sama, mustahil ada orang lain buat rambut gila cam tuh.Lagipun memang waktu bunkface nyanyi tuh diorang duduk depannnn sekali.Apa lagi, aku pergi lah report kat abang aku.

         "Eh, kawan nbl masuk TV lahh!"

Tetapi, selepas itu. Hoho, hahah. Rupa-rupanya, dan sebenarnya.. lelaki yang aku kata rambut cam jacket bulu itu adalah artis, kumpulan bunkface tu lah. Bukan kawan abang aku laah.
Cian dia aku da kutuk rambut dia eh.

Now I know.~


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Kasihanilah mereka yang berada di bumi nescaya kamu akan dikasihi oleh mereka yang tinggal di langit”. 
       HR. Tabarani.

"Aku menyintaimu kerana agama yang ada padamu. Jika kau hilangkan agama yang dalam dirimu, hilanglah cintaku padamu."
                                                                                                                                                                                     Imam Nawawi.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

pengalaman menghidap penyakit B.

Status: Sedang bergelut dengan masalah yang aku sendiri cipta. Arrgh!

Peristiwa: Tadi selepas perjumpaan debat berakhir, aku duduk menghabiskan masa di kantin sementara menunggu ayah aku tiba. Bosan sungguh! Bekalan nasi lemak yang sepatutnya menjadi makanan sarapan masih belum terusik, jadi aku pun makanlah seorang diri di meja kantin yang dah dibalut habuk tu.
            Untunglah juga di situ ada seorang pelajar tingkatan lima ditemani ibunya ketika itu, maka tidaklah aku terasa begitu keseorangan. Ketika itu aku juga melihat sebuah beg sekolah kepunyaan entah siapa, tertinggal di sudut kantin Kesian, banyak barang dalam beg tu rasanya.
             Sunyi benar sekolah! Yang kedengaran hanyalah bunyi mesin menyimpan air minuman beroperasi di sudut hujung kantin. Pelajar tadi telah beredar. Kebosanan yang melanda diriku ini kemudiannya membuatkan aku berjalan-jalan di sekitar sekolah. Ya, kerja-kerja pembaikpulihan hampir tamat mungkin. Namun tidak lama selepas itu, aku kembali kebosanan, lalu kembali duduk di bangku kantin.
             Entah bagaimana kemudiannya aku membuka langkah ke asrama tercinta yang terletak nun di sebelah dewan. Tiba di MN, kosong. Mak Cik Jaga pun dah balik bercuti. Nasib baik pagar tak berkunci, jadi aku masuk dengan senang hati.Tapi tiba-tiba, aku perasan. Ada bunyi tapak kaki. Aku toleh belakang, tiada sebarang kelibat kelihatan. Jadi aku teruskan berjalan macam biasa. Aku dengar betul-betul bunyi tu, ya! Memang ada bunyi tapak kaki. Sayup-sayup tetapi jelas! Huh, aku dah semakin cuak. Tetapi rupa-rupanya baru aku sedar bahawa bunyi derapan tapak kaki itu adalah bunyi yang terhasil daripada aku sendiri. Disebabkan kawasan tu sunyi lagi meyuramkan, jadi bunyi derapan langkah aku bergema lah.
              Tapi tiada siapa berada kat situ pun, jadi aku taklah malu pun. Hehe. Buat rondaan sekejap. Tapi tak menarik juga. Semak di hutan belakang dewan makan tu dah ditebas, lapang sikit. Jadi lepas ni kalau makcik tu bakar sampah, susahlah kawasan tu nak terbakar kan?
               Kembali aku di kantin sekolah selepas itu, aku memerhati keadaan sekolah. Banyak kenderaan lalu-lalang, kadang-kala akak-akak LCM,atau senior-senior, takpun ibubapabudak-budak SPM&STPM nak hantar/ ambil anak-anak mereka. Loceng asrama putera kedengaran, panggil para jemaah solat rasanya. Tapi belum masuk waktu lagi. Dan aku menunggu bilalah nak azan.
              Perasaan yang sama terus menjadi peneman aku yang akhirnya membawa aku kepada kemengantukan! Azan lansung tak dengar, tak perasan waktu sudah angka berapa ketika itu. Aku tertidur dalam kebosanan sudahnya..  Dalam kemamaian, entah macammana aku boleh terpergi melihat lorong info tu, & aku tersedar ada beberapa lembaga sedang terjenguk-jenguk tika itu. Agaknya mereka hairan mungkin, siapa agaknya perempuan yang berbaju serba hitam di tengah-tengah kantin tu. Dan kemudian mereka berpatah balik, & pergi belah.
              Hahah. Aku yang separuh sedar terus segar jadinya. Beberapa minit kemudiannya aku mendapat hidayah, untuk tidak mempersiakan waktu yang berlalu. Kerja sekolah di dalam beg dikeluarkan. Aku baru berura-ura nak menyiapkan karangan tu, sekali bunyi kereta hitam ayahku hadir di gegendang telinga. Mahu tak mahu aku pun beredar meninggalkan sekolah & penghuninya yang masih bersisa.
              Sebagai kesinabungan kebosanan tadi, dalam perjalanan hinggalah seketika tadi, aku menghadapi serangan sakit kepala yang menusuk!

Friday, December 4, 2009

you've got purple on you!


Ok,this is one of the collection of film-based book covers. I drag it here, as it is addicting eh? . Erm, hoping that I can read it somehow later.
  • Buku ini bernombor 11~~~!
  • & That word 'Shaun' remind me of Shaza Aunie. Eheh Shaunie. Kenapa macam pelik eh warna tu utk  kau? Whatever it is, long time no see you right.. 
  •  & I like the simple vector tape, it looks nonfaketastic!
  •  Plusplus, my beloved number is agaun, up there. Go II!
*Mr.Promoter says: For more "I Can Read Movies" Series, click here!

    Thursday, December 3, 2009

    tentang belajar juga

    Eheh, tengah-tengah malam buta ni, aku terbaca blog kelas. Hehe, lepas tu tengok blog Jehaada, ohoho. Dia sahut seruan blog kelas!? Pastu aku pun gatal tangan, tulis pos ni. Berjangkit.


    1.Buat sementara waktu.aku pilih
    laa, sebab kalau Lim Kok Wing tu
    mahal sungguh laa cik kak,
    tak mampu nak bayar.
    Kalau Universiti Al-Azhar tak tau nak ambil course ape..

    2.Atas perancangan awal,
    aku pilih universiti atas ni
    sebab menurut kajian ibu aku,
    UiTM telah banyak
    melahirankan orang-orang seni.  
    Entahla nama universiti luar 
    negara tak semak lagi.

    3.Graphic & design!
    No doubt.Teringin
    aar gak nak buat
    islamic graphic.
    Kalau dapat syukur
    ke hadrat Ilahi.~~~!
    kalau tak dapat, mesti Allah bagi 
    yang terbaik maksudnya.

    4.Ikut kepala otak aku,
    mesti tak ramai nak masuk UiTM...
    Huuuh. Hmm, secara rawak:
    Farah Nadhiera laa  
    Bosan ooowh asyik ngan dia nije
    +Nazirul macam dia nak je.
    .+ Kak Qanitah kalau dia masuk, mesti masuk 1tahun lebih awal!
    + Kak Nusaibah + budak-budak poster  
    oh haha sume bukan batch aku, takpe aa

    5.Gambar UiTM susah nak cari.

    Hehe, UPM pu jadilaa.
    Ni tempat kerja ayah aku.
    Jd,semestinye senang
    nak dapat gambarnya.

    6.Laman web pun tak boleh link skrg.

    *ibu kata mahu melihat aku belajar di Mesir..Tapi aku nak ambil course design.Errrgh... Mesir ada ke?


    Wednesday, December 2, 2009


    Aku pening.
    Ergh, ni betul ke negara aku, Malaysia?
    Asal penuh ngan Korea haa?
    Mane2 je laguu korea, poster korea, tarian korea..
    Pape  je korea..
    Doi2.. peninglaa.

    Ok, just a short post - yg tak berisi.
    Dah nk maghrib ni.

    Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    the chain

    Have you ever receive this?
    Yahoo is shutting down on November 17th. They want to get rid of free messenger. If you delete this and don't pass it on, your name will be deleted. A lot of people have already been deleted. Right click on the group name of your buddylist and click, Send Instant Message to All in Group.. This is Yahoo President Anna Rubenecia, I am sorry to announce that Yahoo has reached its maximum number of accounts two million. If you would like to keep your account for free send this to everyone on your list. This way we can know which accounts are being used and which accounts we can delete. Send this within 8 days and your account will remain free

    Never ever spread stuff like this.Bleeghh. Nonsense.

    First, if we think logically, the Yahoo's company is a large company who have such a large amount of user. How can this statement state the word 'Yahoo has reached its maximum number of accounts two million'? Two million users only? What...? Hey, two million is such a small number u c? For your information, in November 2009 Yahoo have reached over 90 million worldwide users and have successfully attracted at least 1.575 billion visitors annually by 2008.. We known it best as the largest knowledge-sharing community on the Web.And one more thing, the company suppose to maximise it's goal as the sign of their succeed which mean there are no maximum number of their user. For short, they wont delete our account freely!

    Second, even if something like 'Yahoo is shutting down' will happen, of course, there will be an official message from the Yahoo itself stated blablabla &stuff, into our own mailbox. Not by others anonymous hand, which of course we dont now where the source from. And is it possible that everyone who didnt open their account for 8 days (such a short period),their account will be deleted? Hey, this is seriously nonsense. If this ridiculous & silly things happened, then there will be only a few Yahoo's user left. And Yahoo will confront a great lost huh. The status went down, the popularity decreases & blablablaba....

    And the other  thing u must have noticed. In the first place, the date! The date was on 17th November!? The date went back over two weeks ago! Well, it have been December now, &I'm not surprised to see that my account haven't been deleted yet. Hehehe.

    No offense please. Just to make sure you guys wont waste ur time by thinking &solving this unexplained questions.
    Thank you.

    Cuti dan bosan dan tak tahu nak buat apa dan pening.

    Cuti2, cuti oh cuti.
    Oh, cuti yang membosankan & merisaukan....
    Rasa mcm nak buat 1000 perkara, tapi lansung xterbuat satu perkara pun!

    Cuti, oh cuti.
    Agaknya macamana Maahad tahun depan eh?
    Peraturan baru, bgunan baru, kpimpinan baru...
    Aaah, malas nak ckp.

    Cuti, cuti, cuti.
    Bila nak bukak sekolah ni

    Aku buat periksa akhir tahun ni teruuukkkkkk sgt laaaa...
    Boleh tak klau tak amek result?
    Haha, trauma pulak fikir.

    Cuti oh cuti,
    Kenapa engkau cuti?
    Mcamana aku tak cuti,
    Memang dah cuti laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Nasib semalam aku gi keluar jap ngan mereka2.
    Beli Death Note Animation Diary & PEI, senyap2. Heheh.
    Ronda2, had lunch together,
    Pergh Nasi Lemak dulu naik 20sen, skrg dah naik 50sen!
    Diorang tengok New Moon, takpe aa.
    Aku chow dulu.
    Tinggalkan Jeda ngan Tasha
    Pastu jalan sorang2...

    Ingat nak balik terus, sekali tersangkut
    makan piza pulak.
    Kejar keta abah, pastu naik....
    Sampai pun rumah..

    Betul, Islam tak pernah mengharamkan kita utk berhibur.
    Fitrah, bnde ni kgembiraan utk stiap jiwa & ketnangan utk stiap insan.
    Tp berpada2 laa, setiap hiburan tuu mestilah x bercampur dgn perkara2 tercela,
    perbuatan dosa, & melalaikan.
    Betul bkan?

    Berpuluh Nota DN~~ Baaik punye.!

    Monday, November 30, 2009


    Sepetang di Tampok Laut, Johor.

    Waktu menonton babak-babak terakhir berjemaah, di kampung. Penangan Nur Kasih, haaha. Ending dia tak gempak sangat aa.       
    Sabtu, kami berkunjung ke Singapura.

    Ok, done. Thank uuuu...