Saturday, October 29, 2011

Power Within You

Now I truly realized the fact that everyone has a power within ourselves. And there is no one to conceal it except the owner of the power himself. And that statement came out from me after I attended the Hijrah Leadership Camp in Jelebu recently. It was after all, lucky to be there. Joyful and useful in any ways it went. 

Well I don't really know if that power can be translated into photographs anyway. Really, it was nothing. But I was just wondering . . . Okay, I wont talk much more. Just see these stolen photos (from fared and nadia thanks) , and find the similarities. A photo worth a thousand stories, isnt it?

( Tolong ignore budak baju hijau tu, comel kan tumbukan dia.)
Adoi macam sama pulak aku tengok =.="

And it wasn't just us. See the rest as well. 
Tumbuk II
Tumbuk (in process) III
Tumbuk IV
Tumbuk V
Yang ni lagi hebat.
Nampak gaya macam main lawan2, tapi pakai hanger (???)  atas pentas pulak tu!
Last but not least, Tumbuk VI

Now you see what I mean? Everyone has suddenly transformed into a troop of Power Rangers.

Tahniah Hijrah Leadership Camp! Anda telah berjaya melahirkan sekelompok generasi Power Rangers yang hebat, Terima kasih ;)

“Dari Amirul mu’minin Umar bin Al-Khotthob rodiallahu’anhu, ia berkata, “Aku mendengar Rasulullah shalallahu ‘alaihi wasallam bersabda, Sesungguhnya amalan-amalan itu berdasarkan niatnya dan sesungguhnya bagi setiap orang apa yang ia niatkan, maka barangsiapa yang berhijrah kepada Allah dan RasulNya maka hijrahnya adalah kepada Allah dan RasulNya, dan barangsiapa yang hijrahnya kerana untuk menggapai dunia atau wanita yang hendak dinikahinya maka hijrahnya kepada apa yang hijrahi

. (HR. Al-Bukhari )

Friday, October 28, 2011

There's nothing much left, except memories

Tada... Here I am after such a long weeks of absence.

Things ran very fast and suddenly they went slower and I guess, steadier. But for most of the things, that's how they works. Things don't go on the same pace every time.

And before anything, I am going to use past-tense. I thought I should let you know this. Even though it is really not up-to-date, it doesn't matter anyway, that we didn't win the horsey competition. The theme was 1 Malaysia and all other participants were sending completely 1 Malaysia-designated-horses. At first that was what we thought, the organizer wanted something different and fresh, and we did something different, and obviously out of their box. I am glad that eventually it has finished, and everything's over, though the farewell was quite momentous. And here was our horse. . . 
This was taken by Hosyi (-,-") exactly when the workers came to fetch our horsey. T___T Who's that girl anyway?
Fuuu.. The usrah being held just before the horsey departed. Everyone was unwilling to lose the grab, isnt it. I told you.

Working still in progress, at this point.  
The transformized horse of the future Malaysia. Go Malaysia! Malaysia Boleh! *Am feeling soo patriotic suddenly!
This pinky was the one who got the Champion, from Convent. It was way too Malaysian kan. Congratulation! T____T"

Part of us - the crew.
At the end of the day, we were dubbed saguhati, where thankfully, we were granted with some $.. We managed to do a little Domino feast later on. Anyway, the best part of that final day was.....( drum roll ) . .  SULTAN MIZAN was there as well! At the closing ceremony!! And what that mean? Yes, I reprenting my our team honored the saguhati prize in front of Sultan or, say, I was confronting Sultan Mizan! Err I know that doesnt really suit the scenery but what is the best word to describe that, let just say He and his wife were there with their cute daughter who ride horse as well. So the ceremony went different as Sultan was there, and that was my first time attending such an event. But it didn't occurred so formal that formality is number one that I wasn't so dyingly nervous. But still, it was nerve-racking. You got to do the 'daulat tuanku' first before anything ahead, that's the courtesy.

Honestly, I was happy for that very little experience. I don't really know the other reasons why I was ultimately happy that day, but my only reason is because of the memories of all those days 24/7 we had that thing worked. We even visited Cik Hamir in his stuudio for some tips from the pro. It wasn't that easy, not barely painting but in my view, it was deeper than what it's ought to be. It's a right choice for us to be in one team. It really gave something to keep in mind, kuda was. And for that sultan part. it was totally unexpected, because the moment we departed there I really thought it was a simple occasion where no real Sultan involved!

Thanks guys for making it really happened; Baiti, Farah, Nina, Teng, Jehaada, All, Aliff, Alimi,  Dekyat.

Sentimental as it seems,

there's nothing much left,

except memories.