Thursday, March 17, 2011

toilet tissue rolls r o l e s

Creatively Taught By Awesome Anasstasia Elias ; )

r e b e l s

Iklan pakai jeans sebenarnya, cantikkan tapi ?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

And I love shoes and sneakers and toys and robots.

One of the reason why I want to be an architect is because of the shoe for example, I'm always addicted to buy and own Supra but realizing how unsuitable I am in it, eventually I didnt buy any of them. I kept wondering how I want to own them , & the only answer I found was, to create my own mine . 

a verbal writing; hi

Peeps, dyou know how tired I was over this few weeks?

Huuu, finally Intraschool Debate was over! I was relief that what we held was well-welcomed & appreciated even though this was the 1st ever intraschool we've ever done! You guys are awesome! It has came to the ending unfortunately. A bunch of huge syukran to everyone who has contributed to this very short program especially to the committee members, the adjudicators, teachers, the ushers, and of course.... THE PARTICIPANT! To be honest the competency level was mediocre but you guys made it so well!!! You've shown the courage to voice out & thats was really woaaahhhh! Great! We'll make sure next year will be BETTER! :))) OKAY then its enough.

Phew, really felt like dying but then thankfully the exam came. -__-" Thanks to that - at least I'm not that whacked. Seryesly this last week was good, since there wasn't any additional activities as usual & I'm totally overexcited with that! Everyone was too occupied with studies - which made me wonder, why on earth everyone was really stressing out upon this test? Hey, I mean it was just a test! A monthly test ! None of us treat it the same way though , very unlikely the previous year. & then principal is going to bat us all if we fail in the test! See, she's strict - Creme de la creme - isnt ??? No wonder since she's a pengetua cemerlang kan. Thus I was quite scared to see my peers struggled like that and it was doubled when eventually I sit for those papers. One good things is that, now I know how Chemistry differs from Biology & Physics! Its an unnecessary lesson about either solid, liquid or gases chemicals in the matter world, and Physics was the subject Isaac Newton loved the most while Bio teach me what my friends are secretly made up of. Hmmm, it doesnt really matter anyway, I doesnt have that kind of strong chemistry with em. The test was quite easy but my last-minute preparation wasn't helping me in any way. In other words, I'm not ready for Imtiyaz!

Please dear, let me pass . . .

*And know what I got from the teachers ? Its called Pakej Percutian which is actually a bundlessss of mounting homeworks to be done within a week!!! I like the name, it sounds dreamy but not the contents, they sound scary... Fuuuuhhhhhhh...... T______________T"