Saturday, April 30, 2011

little thought of N K I 2 0 1 1 .

Everything went too fast.

I was in Terengganu a week ago, fighting a little compulsion of attending a very formal course in SMKA Durian Guling; Nadwah Kepimpinan Islam. I called it a course,  I dont really know what Nadwah stands for. Let me tell you the details; that it was held for about a week and the hostel was almost superb - because its better than ours XP - and it was almost fun. 

Yes, it was almost fun as through times many things happened. From the first moment I knew that I am going I wasnt so excited. The thing was that I am not an exco and neither a representative from the prefects. It was complicated but the teachers simply whisked me to go and there you go, I went there along with other nine hamidians.

It was unbelievable ; last year I was one of the committee members but today I stood as the participant. Everything changed . Everything paid. I remembered how hectic last year was - without our principal - we were the host and I was the unplanned designer. Unpurposedly I was asked to work with computers, along with the design and features . That was the moment where for the first time, I went sleepy while using the computer because obviously we're overtired. Syaza! She was another committee who has commit herself with multitude of task with the computer even until this very moment. Okay enough ! Honestly I'm missing that part!

Now this year the activities wasnt that challenging. Unlike last year, I thought there were questions about solat jenazah or something similar but it was very unlikely. The explorace was not wearying, I'm sorry but I would prefer a tougher one . Okay. Expect the unexpected and during this nadwah, our group was mingled by boys and girls. I'm in group 14 by the way...  I only know that my leader was called Dol since I missed the taaruf session. It was cool enough though.They taught me with their nice characters and I'm liking it. Anyway we went Taman Tamadun Islam and we even did the explorace there. There were 22 monuments inside the esplanade and for short everything was mesmerizing. Man! That was a too wide-scaled place. We kept envying the teachers in trains while the blazing hot sun piercing our skin. As I brought my camera along, there were huge numbers of photos and of course, memories to be kept. Maybe I'll upload the photos later. I didnt own the memory card right now.  Nevermind. Even though I told you the activities wasnt so challenging but it didnt mean nil. They always stressed out upon co-operation among teammates & of course leadership.

And eventually it was proved that the newborn young leaders had honored some kind of bravery. Almost everyone was snatching to grasp the microphone and to voice out. Although I did a lot of crap , I became the panel for a forum slot and I guess it was paid off. InshaAllah for the sake of ummah our brotherhood are growing wider and stronger. We made friends & we gained a lot of things . But, somehow there were still unoccupied soul. There were some participant who didnt take things seriously. Iman was something you cant underrate but not everyone would take that practically. The Tamrin Qiyadi were great but then the listeners werent so affected. I wonder why. I wonder why there were peoples who stole peoples stuff and earned duit haram. I wonder why.

Any how may Allah bless you . It wasnt that fun.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Supposedly I have a camp to attend in Banting but since today is Mama's birthday and some other factors, I cancelled it and being in home is surely not a wrong decision. I thought of buying her cake birtday as surprise, but it didnt work out... ;(
Okay, Mama baked Macaroni! This was before its baked in the oven though..
And here, she's battling with herself which's which to buy.

Tadaaaa! Bought a blueberry cheese for you Mama! 
Selamat Hari Lahir,
Semoga Dimurahkan Rezeki & Dipanjangkan Umur Dalam Beribadah.
Terima Kasih ;)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

It has been weeks & weeks.