Tuesday, July 2, 2013

teenACE gila quick update

It happened that I was a part of their commitee.

I feel really blessed being in that clique. The situations were wayyy different from the biah I felt in my former school, even though they are both are religious. 

I learnt so many new things from them (since I was the youngest and the noob), especially from protocol team and technical teams. My teams were assigned to deal with all the VIPs. Yup fatih seferagic, amin idris, anwar hadi and all that. The coolest task ever. There were free flows of foods and friends. And I met a lot of hamidians. I cant even name a few because theres too many of them lol. The technical team tho, was really proficient (They were from utp). Just watching brother fahmi and kak arina playing their role has give me so many outputs. Words cannot express how I feel. Weirdly I became the emcee that night along with brother adzeem from mmu. And once again, I really thank these people for the experience and the valuable lessons I hardly get anywhere. The brothers were the best men I've met (probably) and the sisters were the awesomest muslimah I've ever known. I never know its this good feeling to be in a muslim-knitted society. I never experience it before. I'd always wanted to know how does it feel to be really friends with people who constantly remind you of Allah. And here it is, Allah granted my prayer tsk tsk. Though sometimes I felt akward, (because probably I'm lacking islamic vocabulary to use, or to even call ana wa enta or enti, and I felt inferior like Im a bad girl they all wear tudung labuh and all) but the highlight is, Alhamdulillah.

If you want me to be honest, I'm rather really glad to meet these people than the VIPs. Really felt like a family. (Lots assumed we came from a certain university since we seemed that close) Ah. I gonna miss teenACE.

Wish I could talk about it more, but I'm heading away to kmb.

You know i dont have a decent phone.
So yeah.
Till then.

Salam ramadhan.