Tuesday, November 17, 2009

it's HAC,

My post got nothing to do with you guys, it was my past times activities. It may be bored, it may be hazardous, it may be nothing. However it may be, I'm still typing it, tirelessly.

So today,
I just returned from Taman Universiti. went there by abah's car, which are otw to his office & arrived at about 7. Today is the day, HAC. I never tought that one day I'll come here again, unpurposely as a guardian. Hahah.

Since it's too early, & there haven't been so many peoples around; so we did the walk-a-thon all arouond the building. Cehh, dunia dah maju. SKTU! oh sktu ku sayang! The school have grown prettier, more condusive & exclusive - with the tiles you step on, the murals on each wall, & the everything which make me whoaa.

I felt weird, as if I'm a stranger. My mum couldnt come, so I took over her place. I registered. I sat. I talk. I saw the teachers, the kids, the canteeners, whom I knew I know nothing about them. 'Serius tak ingat apa2 lansung pasal sekolah ni,' this is bad. Trying to memorize back all the names of the teachers, the juniors, & the school, I walk again & again all over the school, alone. Then I met this one tall girl named Shazleena Farahana, which seem to be the only junior that I remember very well. She used to be my sister, which I called her Lemon & she called me Kak Ciku. She's too kind, & different from others: she's nice, matured, & politely educated.

I take my place in the hall, sit among the mothers, & unpurposely had a nice borak2 with them. Well, i guess they dont expect me as 14 years old girl, & the dialogues went:"Saya teman adik saya je makcik," "Oh, adik dapat anugerah apa?" "Saya tingkatan dua, adik tingkatan satu. Galakan UPSR je makcik,"I nodded. As I have already expected, "Ehh, awak tingkatan dua? Eh, eh... Besarnya!" Yes, yes, I nodded twice. Bak kata Te'a: Dah biasa dahh. As I'm getting bored, desperately gasping for some fresh air & knowing the fact I'm not supposed to be in that conversation, I went out. I met the gangster's gang; Paolo, Percival, Shugan without Suresh.

& the rest was the chatting between me with the juniors & the teachers. Tumpang Raudhatun, soon was sent home safely in the afternoon. It was momentizing. Precious as it happened.

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