Monday, November 30, 2009


Sepetang di Tampok Laut, Johor.

Waktu menonton babak-babak terakhir berjemaah, di kampung. Penangan Nur Kasih, haaha. Ending dia tak gempak sangat aa.       
Sabtu, kami berkunjung ke Singapura.

Ok, done. Thank uuuu...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

upsr siri 2~

Ye cik Farah, i'm writing new post, while listening to Insha Allah, by Maher Zain. Well I am wishing to buy his album,hoping if I knew where I could get one.

It was in the Berita Harian. I read the story of Amy. A 5A's student.
[anda peka, anda klik, anda baca]

All i can say is that: tahniah &takziah.

Saidina Uthman AlKhatab berpesan:
Siapa yang bersabar di atas ujian, Allah sempurnakan sabarnya lalu memasukkannya ke dalam Syurga mana yang dia suka. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Waaaargh! Result UPSR keluar hari ni! Yew, nk tau adek aku dpt berapa? Yes, she got 5A laaa. Alhamdulillah. Ngee~  T_T  air mate terharu berlinangan~~

*y there's no one realize: aku tade adek dajah 6 laa.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

it's HAC,

My post got nothing to do with you guys, it was my past times activities. It may be bored, it may be hazardous, it may be nothing. However it may be, I'm still typing it, tirelessly.

So today,
I just returned from Taman Universiti. went there by abah's car, which are otw to his office & arrived at about 7. Today is the day, HAC. I never tought that one day I'll come here again, unpurposely as a guardian. Hahah.

Since it's too early, & there haven't been so many peoples around; so we did the walk-a-thon all arouond the building. Cehh, dunia dah maju. SKTU! oh sktu ku sayang! The school have grown prettier, more condusive & exclusive - with the tiles you step on, the murals on each wall, & the everything which make me whoaa.

I felt weird, as if I'm a stranger. My mum couldnt come, so I took over her place. I registered. I sat. I talk. I saw the teachers, the kids, the canteeners, whom I knew I know nothing about them. 'Serius tak ingat apa2 lansung pasal sekolah ni,' this is bad. Trying to memorize back all the names of the teachers, the juniors, & the school, I walk again & again all over the school, alone. Then I met this one tall girl named Shazleena Farahana, which seem to be the only junior that I remember very well. She used to be my sister, which I called her Lemon & she called me Kak Ciku. She's too kind, & different from others: she's nice, matured, & politely educated.

I take my place in the hall, sit among the mothers, & unpurposely had a nice borak2 with them. Well, i guess they dont expect me as 14 years old girl, & the dialogues went:"Saya teman adik saya je makcik," "Oh, adik dapat anugerah apa?" "Saya tingkatan dua, adik tingkatan satu. Galakan UPSR je makcik,"I nodded. As I have already expected, "Ehh, awak tingkatan dua? Eh, eh... Besarnya!" Yes, yes, I nodded twice. Bak kata Te'a: Dah biasa dahh. As I'm getting bored, desperately gasping for some fresh air & knowing the fact I'm not supposed to be in that conversation, I went out. I met the gangster's gang; Paolo, Percival, Shugan without Suresh.

& the rest was the chatting between me with the juniors & the teachers. Tumpang Raudhatun, soon was sent home safely in the afternoon. It was momentizing. Precious as it happened.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Everything comes to an end.

Ouhh, dah dua hari rupenye berpisah ngan Maahad. Well, it's not that I am missing the whole maahad stuff. But the truth is, I'm glad~~ Yeyeyeye, xpayah tengok muke2 mereka lagi. But then, since it was the final week in Maahad, I brought my camera, &did a lot of photo-snapping.

Lokasi: Dewan Makan MN
Jurufoto: Madihah
Waktu: 9++ pm.
In this photo: Farah, Shaddy, Mimilila, Ajie, Afiqah, Endy, Te'a
*a night before exam paper KHB & PJK. Prep terakhir kat DM 2009~ sobsob. Endy x ley bla..

Lokasi: Halaman Rumah
Jurufoto: Mama
*Rinduu nak pakai baju batek lagi. (err...kain jumaat?)

Lokasi: Pintu Belakang Abua
Jurufoto: Aku
Waktu: Sebelum balik, hari Khamis.
In this photo: Fatimah, Bella, Sya Iz, Syaima', Etty, Shaunie
*Syaima' & buku dalam anginnya. Jumpe agi taun depan~~

Sunday, November 15, 2009

vantac trial

yesterday. for a company's sign.

"That's not Hijab" - Ummah Films Season 2 Premiere

this's cool, superdupercool. Watch it~

Saturday, November 14, 2009

this is a flashback

The school session for 2009 was over. Big applause are allowed. well, I have no serious feeling.. Sooner or later, we'll be there again right? Talking about school, I was called to write about my old memories on how I started my secondary school. There have been many historical moment, no doubt. & yet now I am going 2 reminisce it almost specifically. So, hehehehe. GET READY! BLAST OFF! GOOOOOO!!!!!!!

My first step into SMK Bandar Kinrara Seksyen 4 was in 2nd January of 2008. It was the orientation day for the new students, form 1. Gahhh,(sound of excitement) I'm wearing new uniform! lol. I was placed in 1Tekun, the first class since I've got a good achievement in the previous Upsr. I dont know where I supposed to sit, who I am supposed to be friend with, for short: I know nothing.

I sat on the back of the class, beside the door. I wonder who my neighbour will be. And when the other students comes, I knew I have chose the wrong sit, which actually suppose to be the boys row. I was thinking of sitting in anothers, but too bad the sits were already full. So, oh ok. I stay there, &thanks godness. A minute later a girl named Khaleeda (if i'm not mistaken) took place beside me. Uhh phew. I started the conversation with the greetings word &it went smooth. Well, first day of school! Everyone seem to talk to everyone about everything exuberantly, shared whatever they have, & of course they were veryveryvery contented. Except me, its not that i'm not pleasure with it. It's just that I dont know even one of them, except Khaleeda who I just gotta know each other just a few minutes ago. The whole classmates are anomalous to me. Hello there, the stranger wanna introduce herself.

In that class there's only 5/6 Malay girl students including me, while the majorities are Chinese. I try to make friends with the boys in front me. Well, I cant remember what was my questions, but for sure they were no answer. instead, they laughed, & replied my word with something in Chinese lang.What? I wish I could understand Chinese at that time, urggh! I bet he was laughing me for something I dont know. But I'm not going into loggerheads with them. Then the first lesson started with the presence of a cute Chinese teacher, introducing herself as Puan Len Yock Eng (ooh, pretty cool I remember her name kan?~). Then the class comittee choosing session came. I cant remember what the result are, but legally my PKT are Chinese. & I hope that I'll be AJK Keceriaan, but too bad, there's one Chinese girl who shortly volunteer herself while saying "Teacher, I wanna be the AJK." No suprise the teacher shooked head, & the session continued. Ok, blame me. I'm too late for action.

Soon the teacher rearrange our sit, (as usual. based on our height.) Yeh, I'm sitting in the same position, same table, same chair, nothing changed. I'm glad as I've got a nice Chinese neighbour named Bridgette. She kind, too nice! But there's problem, she's not fluent in Bahasa Melayu, well i think she cant talk in BM. So our very first conversation was in English. You know, I'm not good in English, I am master in broken-english.LOL. I cant talk in it before. It was a reallyreally embarassment moment. Ohoho, Luckily,she got a twin, Ellina. Involuntary, she became my translator, since she's better in Bm. Anyway, it was a pleasure to be friend with them, (you know, first class student are commonly nerd.) There was something special in them, uniquely unexplained which differentiate them with others.

The first few days was filled by rememberizing each classmates's names, & getting know each other, make friends, & decorating our class. Just then, everything's done. The class have turned gorgeously alive. Ahhhh,demmit, I missed it. The were of course nice. The two boys in front of me was Malay, while the boys behind me was one India & Malay. They were too-friendly. & what was suprising me is that: when I saw that person behind me named Divagen. Wait.. it sound familiar. & he too, was suprised to know my name. As I expected, he asked:

Him: Kau dulu sekolah mane?
Me: Sk Taman U. Nape?
Him: Ohh. Takde ape2. Ok2.
the silent speak.
Me: Kau darjah satu sekolah mane?
Him: Sk Pandan Indah. Kau?
Me: Laah, yeke!? Aku SK Pandan Indah gak ar..

We roar into laughter. Haha, satu sekolah rupanya. No wonder. Patutlah macam kenal. I recognized then he was my classmates for two years & my prefect partner. Haha,dunia ni kecil. We talked about our ex-classmates, ex-schools, the unforgetable memories. Well both of us were in new schools, so we talked about it, on how we feel being a new student in a new school. Hehe, it was a very official conversation. YaAllah,my old friend!! & the next day,'tiba2 je, entah kenape mimpi nak bawa gambar lame..' he brought an old photo of 2amanah. Haha, gambar yang dah berlapuk. He showed to our classmates, the picture of me wearing my big-rounded spectacle.. hehehehhe~ 'Aku tau orang malas nak baca kalau panjang2 en? heheheh'

For the two weeks I was there, I learned soo much things. At first, I was too tension since I haven't got many Malay friends, since I have to talked in English with others. & I hate it. While in class, the teachers taught in English & sometimes in Chinese. Even in Malay subject itself, the teacher was Chinese, she didnt talk English, but yea, she went Chinese in Bahasa Melayu period.. So it's kinda hard for me to cope the subject taught in those language. I didnt understand it, and I am shy too ask others about it. I keep those burdening me, until one day... My emotional lead me to make me swear: I HATEHATEHATE this school! I wanna move from this school ASAP! I cant live like this, I cant study or even score anything! I told my mum, I swear in front of them. 'Serius aku nak pindah' They heard it, they understand it. I lost control. But a few days later, I started to feel okey with it. I think postive, well It's good for me to know this language then i can gain more knowledge. I ask Bridgette to teach me some commonly Chinese dialogues. With their help, a 'simple chinese coversation' class was held each day.

But the class was succesfully held for only a couple of day. because on 10th january, i've got a letter stated: TAWARAN KE SMKA MAAHAD HAMIDIAH. I was shocked. It was unexpected. Automaticaly I knew I will move to that school, a school named Maahad Hamidiah who I knew nothing about it. I wonder how it look like? Hostel? How does it feel? & that minutes, I was almost crying, either because of the tawaran or because of I wanna stay in thisk BK4 which i've already loved so much.
"Tak nak masuk maahad, mama. I love my school already, it's ok dah,"my voice was shacking which was then followed by my brother's coherent voice,"Kau dulu dah sumpah nak pindah kan?!" Angry. I take a deep think. Yes, I have to fulfill my oath before. Move. Thats it. I suppose to be ready for the word "Goodbye." :'(

& the grievous date came: 11th January. It was my last day in Smkbk4. I have decided that I dont wanna tell others, I keep my journey secret. Pretending that I will be very happy, more than the king would be! I brought all my SPBT book, since I've to return it back. In the same time, a new student came. She was Farzana. Oh, I'm so glad with her presence. Well, she's a a typically tall Malay girl. Since she are new foreigner, I took my step, & greet her. We shake hands & there the friendship have began. Soon, while I finished my schoolworks as usual, I talked to Divagen about our ex-school, SKPI. She touched my shoulder gently & she asked incredulously, 'Korang cakap pasal SKPI ke?' I nodded. 'SKPandan Indah'. Her voice went matter-of-fact,"Aku sekolah situ gak dulu, sampai awal darjah dua." That made me speechless. Haa? What an unexpected miracle. Ohoho, what a small world! I told Divagen we meet another exSKPI. And as I have expected, his respond was oh-ye-ke-dah-agak-no-surprise.Cool, just in a few days, I had the most precious moment- the nostalgical meeting. Lalalala, the bell for recess rang. We filled the leisure time freely, talked about the school we missed: Pandan Indah!

She company me to return those SPBT textbook. Along the way, I told her that maybe this will be the first & the last day we meet. She's the only person who knew I'll gone by tomorrow.. As soon as the books was returned, the text book then was given to Farzana, as she was a new student-without SPBT yet! Haha,Buat penat aku angkat buku banyak2 dari kelas sampai ke bilik tuh, last2 orang sebelah gak yang dapat buku teks ni. When I got in my class later on, one asked: why I sent all those textbooks. I left him unexplained. Instead, I told them that today is my birthday. Too bad, too sad they didnt believe it. Well, its my fault. U know, I used to make 100 of lies before, I usually jokes with lies. They tought confirmly that I was joking, as a respond, the ridiculous laughter burst. I hope you know: no, it wasnt. I was hoping they wish me 'happy birthday'. But there's nothing instead of ''u'r joking kan?'' Ok, I f they didnt believe it. Never mind, let it go, let it be..

The last minutes of my schools day in BK4: It was English period. I told Bridgette i'm moving into sekolah agama which she replied it must be fun. So, she took my phone number, & some last words from her to me. All of sudden I recalled that there was an english essay comp which I was about to a participate. But now in my condition, I have to cancelled it. So I went infront, & at the moment I told the teacher, the whole class was looking at me. Gosh, it was humiliate. I was talking English, haaha, english?Yes! For the first time, i'm using proper English in front of them! 'Even the grammar or such wasnt in the right place, but at least, I did it! That was my very first time!' Hehehehehehe. & the next few minutes, well. The most precious moment happened. & I am very appreciated it. 'I'm not writing it, it's almost 3 oclock now! Better hurry!'

I can still remember how sad the situation was, outside the school gate; while I was waiting for my bus to fetch me. I only have a word with them, & just then, the bus appeared there. Unwillingly, as I stepped in the bus, I waved to them. without tears, I gave a sad-half smile & wished them the Best. That's how the story went. Yes, I should called this as an essay as the holidays homework. Mmm, then the title was surely fix on 'My most Unforgettable Experience'. LOL.

:) Thanks Godness, Alhamdulilah. Now I was perfectly fit in maahad. I learned a lot o'coz. I was glad, that after the short two weeks in BK4, I am able to speak English,'i used to get C in English bfore!' & Maahad is fun! I learnt more circumstancial about Islam in every angle, learnt how a muslimah shall be. Eventough I used to hate this school before, but as I lived & grew, I knew Allah answer my prayer with the word No & give me better. I should be thankful. I realize, everything happened for a reason! After all, growing up Islam. I learnt a lot. As I am in Maahad Hamidiah, Alhamdulilah... 'I'm going sleepp, it's already 3~~!' Fullstop.