Saturday, July 17, 2010


Taken from 'Islamic-Conscious'
I was in debate training, when the news came. It felt as if a big truck hit the wind , crashing my window beside. Iit is an awareness alarm, that's one why God invented death.The feeling can still be felt, the way it shocked us, on how the school run really melancholy over the death of him, Tuan Haji IbrahimYunus.

It has been five days, since the death of our beloved principle.. He was the best principle I knew, the best tabligh I've ever met. I thanked him for the development he brought and I'll remember his tazkirah, on how he talked much bout purification toward God, death as a reminder, iman, izzah and so on... 


Whatever we own in this world is not ours, remember. And someday later, we have to return it back to The Creator, willingly or not, it is a must.

*who care if spain win or not during the final FifaWC?!


~Dr.CiNta~ said...

tak sangka, pengetua baru pergi dgn cepatnya, ALLAH dah jemput awal~

namasayaaku said...

hilang 1mutiara islam.