Sunday, August 15, 2010


I'd promise myself to write a post. So, I shall make my words as I say this week was another awesome days. Erm wait, well, I gonna display kinda lot of pictoes here... so get ready okay, (or choose to close window. :)) )

First and foremost, the annual Srikandi games has ended. Ok great, the longing has reach its end point. everything went smooth, clean & clear. And the theater the f3'd done was splendid and seriously - let me tell you this,  I never hide my expressions and here, the night went just cool! I wish you could listen to the percussionist, oh they were so fascinating & fantastic! But sorry i didnt have any instrumental recording of em.
Mixed feeling kan, hehheh selepas senamrobic ni.
Yeah, in a way I love the greenery scene(s)!
The end - closing ceremony.
Oh yea and this>>>>other stuff .  It's other program that keep us busy as always. ISK programme & EDI & such.
the kabur one is Kak Mas, one of the fasi.
An-already-dead insect fell from the ceiling////attention distracted. :D
EDI exhibition, nothingmuch there. But no idea where the love-spring came falling >.<"
And another thing well not to mention, that Saturday, 31st July 2010 had turned me 180degree or so. I had overslept in front this laptop and eventually on the competition day, the only thing I brought with me was my mind with nothing inside of it.

Well okay, its like this. I entered a drawing competition, where it is entitled Creative Art Award (in conjunction with the release of Toy Story Threeee) :DD. On that day you could see every inch in the building is filled with crowd. And here and there you could see figures of Woody and even BuzzLightyear and so on.... There's nothing more you could've wish than having the experience throughout this competition. I was given more than I have expected.

Yeee, I won it! (My rate of enthusiasm increase,) And a great Alhamdulillah for it. Honestly, it is a dream, it was merely a dream..

About 3.30++ pm, the winning poster has been elected. And heres it is..
Gold Award and he's Sabahian.
Silver, See the colours! Lovely brightness!
Bronze, Sometimes without colours, your message'll be clearer. *This is mine.

And oh, my PMR trial is just somewhere here. I'm really sorry if I've ever hurt you --- and pray for our excel, and that's the best gift for me right now. :D

*That title has got nothing to do with this post, its just a matter of ----'m trying something fishy. ~^_^~

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