Wednesday, November 17, 2010


NKI wouldnt bother me anymore.

Probably it wont. Because we have done it successfully. Can you believe it? For the first time NKI was held, we were the host? Cant you imagine that suddenly we've passed over the week? Thanks to all the 390 participants and another 100++ fasilitators from all over the country for coming, the school for allowing us to stay, to our committee team who worked out so hard & tirelessly, the teachers, Bonda, the caterer, all the KPM officer and just anyone , thank you for tracing me the memories and for most, thanks Allah for giving me this opportunities. Alhamdulillah for this everything you've made.

I enjoyed most of the hectic days and the day we spent at Putrajaya leisurely, without anything to work on, we loved the freedom, the gathering, and the scene of course.

Takbir resounded to be everywhere, spirited and great! Praising Allah The Almighty. They are the true mujahidah, they have the potential, they brought the spirit and the influence all the way! And I'm liking the climate. This is a feeling which was rarely exist in Maahad itself, but I hope it'll better as time goes by.

This is the beginning point of a change, a positive change in one's leadership. 'Nadwah Kepemimpinan Islam' The name already tells everything.

The NKI song echoed in my head. Whoahah, it's the coolest official song I've ever heard. The beating was fast, but anyway we could still go along with it, and be gleeful to the rhythm, congrats Uztaz Zainaphi. Our favorite! Erm, is there any available CDs? I'm just missing the part.

:D Anyhow, Let's stay smiling. :)

 The arising potential.

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