Friday, July 1, 2011

MUSLEH Tournaments

Its Musleh Debate already!!!

Time went too fast I couldnt even manage to stay calm.... but we've already here. Seriously we're having lack of trainings recently and we've been a bit rusty. Honestly. We didnt bring any dictionary nor a software ( none of us own iphone btw) nor neither a lappy. How good is that? T.T"  And since the areas got wifii man!! sickeningly everybody is clinging to their lappy (not to mention - ipad). Uhuhh how i'm really envying them.  =.="

But hmm yeah its a debate okay. We basically need to use your brain. Fight and that's where the fun comes isnt it. So far its doesnt really matter what you do have or not. Anyway so far its quite tough rounds but everything is okay. ^^ Just need to boost up a bit to a higher level after this. 

I ranked my performance yesterday a little poor still.

And now we're resting until zuhur and we'll set the war back.  Wonder how I'm posting? Yeah good. Thankfully we're just next to national library. *Proud to be malaysians*

Anyway its so cool to be here. Food is always aplenty!! Honestly I would prefer that  all the times. Met Aimi & the rest al-amininans and lots of well-known debaters of course. Lots can be learn.

Pray for the best. Hope we can break! XD

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EmberPen said...

InsyaAllah you can do it.
Just remember to always be calm and optimistic.
Kalau dah blank sangat,
1. sit back quietly,
2. breath,
3. istighfar,
4. proceed with your work n discussion.
All the best!