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Say, “O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful.”
[az-Zumar (The Troops) 39:53]

Friday, June 10, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordy AFS Interview.

Assalamualaikum, Greeting and Hi.

Today I had my first ever interview.

Woha macam interviu besar je.

Well no lah. It isnt that big. Its just an AFS interview, the one to apply for student exchange programme. And yeah it was pretty fun. Its time to mingle with the others and get to know the other part of the world. Especially when you are in a school which everyone has the same race as you are. We made friends and the most important thing, the unity chain is growing tighter.  Seriously . . . you cant have that kinda fun if you just stuck at home doing nothing isnt it? So yeah here how it was.

Hmm. Its afternoon. And suddenly I felt as if the weather was too unbearably hot. I'm all sweating. Well to be honest, the event started quite late but we didnt mengamuk. I went along with the other Hamidians - which were form five. Four AFS returnees were already inside the hall. And once we're inside the hall we were divided into many smaller random groups, each lead bu the AFS volunteer/facilitator. And of course we played games with them then. What else is there to do? o_O We play little Bonnie song, Zip-zap-boink-thing, Blow whtv. Blegh idk the names, but surely it is a fun team building game. So we play sickly a lot of games while waiting for our names to be called out - as they said , to avoid a too harsh adrenalin-pumping period.

Yes you know how nerve-racking the time before the interview was.

I told you beforehand, if you're going to the interview, prepare yourself to chin up! And be as awesome as you could ever imagine. haha. But true, because even in my circle was loaded with so many awesome people. There were two hardcore environmentalist, one was a volunteer at WWF, a chess player, and sitting next to me was a national squash player.

Thankfully I was not the first batch. It was way too early. Thankfully we have talked a lot when I heard Izzy (my group faci) called my name. Gulp. So I went to the interview room with the KUSESSians which were actually my sisters juniors. ( Oh hooho.. How detail is this ... >.<" )

My interviewers were both Indians. They seemed less intimidating. I mean, they were friendly and nice. But most of the question came from only this one woman while the other one was surveying my file.

They asked many questions ( of course ). And poorly my answers were as automatic as I could. And I spluttered my words as well . Bleghhhh I dunno what happened to me but my words got jumbled so easily atm.

So basically, below are how the interview went basically. I couldnt remember the exact conversation. Its lengthy i told ya.


The first thing they asked . . . 
V   : So, your father is a doctor? 
ME: Yes, but he's retired already.

V1: You're from . . .Maahad Hamidiah. Where is that?
V2: Ohh. That, the sekolah agama one.

V   : Why do you want to go to Japan?
ME: There are many factors. . . Hmm like the Dasar Pandang Ke Timur ( Look East Policy ) by Mahathir before ? Blablabla I talked about how Mahathir did the policy worked, and how it really works . Its a long answer for a start I think, almost about an essay.

V   : But it is only two week? Two weeks is too short! Its impossible for you to learn their culture! How is that?
ME: That's the only choice I have. It is a short period but it doesnt matter. I'll grab as many opportunities I could have for every seconds. I can still interact with them through internet after that.

Then she explained briefly how Japanese peoples were, the situations there etc. etc. And then she launched to the Muslim issued questions. As expected, some have told me before hand to be prepared. Its a must question if you're muslim.

V: If there, in that 2 weeks you are placed to eat in a non-halal restaurant Will you eat?
ME: No, I'll not.

V: No?! Then you're not going to eat for two weeks!???
ME: I didnt mean like that. I'll find alternatives, there's veggies as an option.

V: Yes we know that, but will you eat in a non-halal restaurant? 

The session went a bit long for that issue. I dont know if I sound contradicting as my words have mixed up. Nevertheless eventually I ended up by saying 'No, I wont eat' if at that time I really feel that food is syubhah and 'Yes' when Im convince by the food and the restaurant and stuff there. And they nodded.

V: In Japan, they've got no recess time like in Malaysia. No canteen and such. Your foster parents will cook for you, and prepare you a packed lunch. Are you okay with that?
ME : Yes definitely.

V: What will you promote Malaysia?
ME: Blablabla... 1 Malaysia . .  Gotong-royong . . Rumah Terbuka during festivals no matter what your races are. Blabla.

V: Dyou think they'll like Malaysia?
ME: Yes perhaps, blabla Dasar Pandang Malaysia (Terbalik) by Japanese laborers recently blabla.

V: I see. So, if you've been shortlisted, the next interview session will be held.
ME: Hmmm. Nodding. There's over hundreds applicants for JENESYS and mostly they were too outstanding student. So I'm not putting up my hope high. >___<"

ME: Ok... when will the name listed out session - approximately?
V: Oh dont worry. If you're shortlisted, then we'll inform you. It'll be around August I think.

Hmmm. Okay. Thats all. You may leave.
ME: Okay thank you. I'm leaving

V1: Wait, what do you get the RM30 000 scholarship for?
V2: What scholarship? When?
ME: Oh that. I got it last year. And its eligible for 3 year after my SPM completion.

V: Will you use that scholarship?
ME: Yeah as an alternative if I havent got other scholarship.

V: Hmmm... What you want to be?
ME: I want to be an architect. Yeah Japan . . . is a great modernized country by the way. The technology they hve developed. 

Then talked about the recent Japan earthquake a bit and . . .

V: But you have to know that there's many applicant all over Malaysia applying for this scholarship. And these names will be shortlisted by the head-AFS. Even we can't decide who's going. So just wish you luck.
Its okay. THANK YOU ;)

And its ended.

You can see its pretty challenging.  Obviously they would ask you islamic-related questions if you are muslim, especially if you are from religious school. So better yet, you really master those things. (I didnt do research about that which explain why I'm not that convincing)

And to anyone who are about to go for the interview, dont do too many researches that would crammed you up. What most important is your mental preparation. Then pause for awhile and think of an honest answer as what you want to say. The failure to plan beforehand would encourage clumsiness like what I did omg.

If I got it, then its like bagaikan bulan jatuh ke riba - which is totally unexpected - Whoa imagine that.

I've met awesome peoples there. And I gained a lot. I learnt really a lot from them.
With that being told. It's okay whatever happened.
Till then.

*p/s: I'm totaly exhausted.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

tuesday short update

I think now I understand why I couldnt upload the photos before. Just now as I signed in to my blogger dashboard, I was amazed! Whoa, blogger has revamp its new look! New style! Now I'd like this one. Really. Keep it up Blogger! ;)


Wait, I think I still dont understand why the uploading process is soooo terrible. I cant manage one , still.
Spread the words!


Assalamualaikum :))

Tajuk menggambarkan mood hari ini.

Tadi tengahari saya pegi rumah Ajie. Eh sekejap! sejak bila aku guna saya? Takpelah bunyik lebih baik sikit bukan? Sebab sambut birthday rakan-rakan saya ; Ajie, Timah dengan Bisya yang akan tiba lagi beberapa hari ni.. Mak aiihhh rumah die besar! Budak-budak ramai. So tak sunyi sgt tempat tu. Ye laa kan rumah-rumah besar ni biasanya sunyi sepi gila. Tapi ramai gak yang tak dapat datang ada hal. Hurmmm, kalau ramai mesti pergh lagi meriah kan.

Nak sampai belit-belit jugaklah, ehm kali pertama. Seumur hidup mana penah pegi BTHO. Masa saya sampai - tengahari - yang ada semua tengah menternak lemak. =.=" ok. makan tu wajib woo. Macam tak tau pulak. main dish ada nasi lemak, mihun & ais kacang dan kek semestinya. Overall , dalam tempoh tiga jam saya disitu, cuba bayangkan tiga kali makan berat. Ya rabbi ni memang menternak lemak habis lah. Makan, main, makan, main, solat, makan, main , saya balik diorang sambung main. Tsk tsk macamanalah boleh kebal perut hari ni. Nak kata tak segan ke, memanglah tak segan dah kita ni . . . ehem budak asrama . . . macam la tak biasa. Kan ni hobi kita kan, menternak lemak kankan? -______________________-"

Bercakap pasal rumah Ajie tu, bukan sekadar rumah besar tapi rumah tu jugak selalu buat aktiviti2 agama macam taklim ke etc. Saya terimbau kenangan semasa kecik di kampung sewaktu ada kuliah. Semua pendengarnya adalah perempuan dan penceramahnya dihijabkan dengan kain papan pemisah. Maka wajahnya tidak kelihatan sebaliknya hanya suara ceramahnya sahaja kedengaran. Saya duduk bersama makcik2 dekat situ disebabkan pelik dan rasa ingin tahu yang menebal kenapa orang lelaki tu bercakap tapi ditutup dengan kain? Kesimpulan yang saya nak cakap, dah lama tak nampak orang buat kuliah kat rumah cemtu. So lepas ni kalau anda ada rumah besar anda kena teruskan buat aktiviti-aktivit begini di ruang tamu anda yang luas gila. Kan bermanfaat.

Maka terima kasih daun keladi, Ajie & The Geng! Lepas ni buat la lagi saya sudi datang lagi.

*Maafkan saya kerana gambar-gambar tadi gagal diupload! Blogger selalu buat hal! Tsk tsk sedih betul.
Tak percaya? Nah tengok gambar ni hitammmmmm je isk.

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