Sunday, January 22, 2012

Froggy Experiment

For more than once I wondered, whenever we carried out an experiment in the school lab, will the kids in rural areas have the same opportunities to experiment the same interesting stuff as we did? Rather I would be  grateful because there are some children who do not attend school and classes. Their life is all but to work., and for some, vagabond. In many cases, no doubt we are considered very lucky. I dont know how much it costs but I guess our govt. must had paid a high bill to prepare our scientific lab needs.

I am already form five. And since I do not intend to proceed in any Science field for my further studies, this may be my last Biology lab experiment. So as to make it more significant I reserved a post for it.

The super obese frog that everyone wanted.
Hyeah with my new classmates. 
Listening to my potpetpotpet is a must ok.
The inside of the frog. You can see the liver, the intestines the heart and everything for real! But from the other hand, they actually look like sort of a laicikang. There are mulberries, strawberries, laichee, grapes and some other sweet fruits well stored in a frog's body :)) Hihihi.
Say cheeessee!
Yes, obviously its not the ordinary frog. (Because it has six packs)
I love this picture. First look at it, no idea why Mira seemed so happy. what with the ugly green mosnter half toe pad ?
Heart, Beat, Fast. It was still beating at that moment. (But not anymore now)
Now this is the real 'jar of hearts'
Before it was murdered. He was very stubborn to die.
You can sense the excitement. Biology is fun. Dont you think so?
It was a rare experiment to catch the frogs. Out of the blue we did it. All the photos credit goes to Nazifah MH :) Thank you ;')

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Dalila Najwa said...

heart, beats, fast dgn jar of hearts tu the best! hahahaha