Saturday, February 18, 2012

And Suddenly

It was not long ago when I found him in facebook. I was in some state of happy, you know the feeling when you found someone who used to be your best friends and then had long disappeared. I added him then. Waiting to be approved. And then we'll get back in touch. We'll share our stories for years we haven't met. But I dont want too mcuh expectations. So I guess maybe that won't happen. Because as the time goes by, most people change. 

But then, either way, nothing will happen. He will never approve me.

Because he was gone. The day I tried to add him was the same day Allah took him away. Through the wind the news hit me and suddenly crashed my windows. He was stampeded while he was going for solat jumaat.  Ya Allah. Tempatkan rohnya di kalangan orang beriman. Innalilillahi wainna ilairajiun. Everything is belong to Him and will return to Him no matter how slow the time ticking. I'll remember that Friday. A warning without ring. Death is timeless.

Because one day soon I'm gone as well.


hYah!lhAm said...

inna lillahi wainna ilahi raji'un~
takziah uppa..
smoge DIA diglongkan dalam golongan roh2 org yg beriman~

Anonymous said...

kak ulfa..sdeyhnye T_T

Sofia said...

innalillah. tragik kot