Thursday, June 7, 2012

jalan jalan cari makan

So here it is what we did yesterday . searching for the top super supper around while seeking some fresh air. Since grilled burger had becomes some kinda sensation these days so we went to Velodrom uptown to taste some . And they were tasty and huge! Esp the beef!

Even though it was around past midnight but itwas packed! Haish imsomniacs are growing fast.

It wasn't just grilled burger, Toms shoes are also trending frantically. I dont like the flat base btw.

And see what we've found among those stalls specialities !
Entah macamana tah nak pronounce

ok tak baik gelak sebenarnya. Back to the story.

Muka bangga beger dah sampai. 
My fav beef  Smack Down.
Chicken. you'll never know its chicken if I put the real name here. Summer Slam.  
Sweet Angel. Just I dont understand why Sweet Angel though ?
Perhaps this is what seemed to be sweeet?
Muka kenyang tahap bahaya 
Okayyy thats it. Burp. Alhamdulilah. Do let me know if you know some great grilled burger places. or stall might be more affordable for a girl like me hehe. Till then! ;) Salam!

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