Sunday, March 25, 2012

Masakan air berkocak kalau tiada buaya

Seronoknya tengok gambar ni. Tiba-tiba kita rasa sejuk. (n__n)

Ujian adalah tarbiyyah dari Tuhan. Apalah sangat sekali sekala Allah menarik nikmat air di bumi maahad buat seketika ini. 

Saja nak tengok reaksi kita. Faham-fahamlah sekalipun dah kluster tak semuanya boleh perfect. Orang tua-tua selalu cakap takde air ni dah biasa. Tapi sayangnya ada antara kita ni gelabah sangat ya rabbi, macam takde air tu boleh mati je. Ada jugak yang kemain happy kalau takde air, apa lagi ambik kesempatan ni boleh ah enjoy kat rumah member. Terlampau happy sampai dia lupa ada cikgu-cikgu yang berumah kat maahad ni. Ada jugak yang mengeluh bila dah ada air, maknanya tak boleh balik la ni. Terpaksa tinggal kat asrama. --" Macam-macam fe'el. Normal. Some people feel the rain, some just get wet. Tapi jangan sampai kita menyusahkan orang lain. Maaf cikgu terpaksa layan kerenah manja kitorang ni. Tsktsk.

Teringat pulak satu kisah ni,
Pak cik X  : Eh awak daripada sekolah mana ek?
Budak Y   : Saya, er, Maahad Hamidiah Kajang.
Pak cik X  : Ohhh!! Sekolah tu!!
Budak X   : (Ehhehh agak dah. Pak cik tu mesti tau. Segan)  *Tak tau nak balas apa . . .
Sekali . . . 
Pak cik X : . . . Sekolah yang terkenal takde air tu kan??

Hahah opss. Malunya. Kan dah terkena. Tulah dia . . Bila Allah tarik, barulah kita terasa betapa berharganya setitis air yang ada tu. Bak kata teacher rashidah, there's a blessing in it. Semua ni akan menjadi kenangan. Susah senang dikongsi bersama. Yang berat sama dipikul yang ringan sama dijinjing. Ingat tak, 31 kali Allah tanya, " Nikmat apa yang kamu dustakan? "

Dan ingatlah bagi kita segala yang berlaku ada hikmahnya. Kita hanya hambaNya yang tidak punyai apa-apa. Manusia memang selalunya mengabaikan nikmat yang 'ada'. Normal bagi manusia tidak menyedari nikmat yang ada hinggalah nikmat itu ditarik oleh Allah.

So whatever it is jangan lupa 
 untuk ucapkan kalimah

*p/s: Bersyukurlah dengan apa yang kamu ada. "Demi sesungguhnya! Jika kamu bersyukur nescaya Aku akan tambah nikmat kepada kamu dan jika kamu kufur ingkar sesungguhnya azabKu amatlah pedih. (Surah Ibrahim: 7) Allah itu penentu segala-galanya.

*pp/s: See you soon!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Awesome Jacques Pense

Before all, this is a project of Jacques Pense, who have designed a perfectly realistic horror stationery, which also, have won several awards. Those are: New York Festivals - Silver, ADC Germany - Bronze, ADC Europe - Finalist, D&AD - In Book. I couldnt afford to think like this. But inspirational enough. Hope I turn out to have these great ideas as well soon ;) Amin.

Anyway amazing work man. So jyeah here you go!

 13th Street "Stationery of Horror"

Scary though. Even a very formal letter seem like a murder case.
Now go appreciate him in his site!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

still awkward

Even up until now, after like three years of blogging, I am still the old me. What was differ was that I used to write beautiful stories in malay when I was in primary school. I was awarded for best essay ever year. Me proud? No. Because everyone used to have their own specialities while being a child. The last time I met my bahasa teacher, she had asked me whether I actually up to any plan to write a novel or any progress of being an author. And I realised then, how far I havent been in writing arena. My words was like a dead alphabets. And I still couldnt write my stories as I wish. I still couldn't convey the exact message I want to deliver. Those writers block is still here, no matter how long I touched this qwertyuiop keyboard, waiting for ideas to spill out from nowhere. 

Rabbish rahli sadri wa yassir li amri wahlul uqdatam millisaani yafqahu qawli - 

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Technically the guests didn't come to our place simply by knocking to a door ( considering the fact that we have zillionss of doors, which door will they choose to knock first?? )  unlike the title I put. I just wanna make it warmer so it need to sound more familiar isn't it? ( ??? ) Now I hope it channels you some positive energy.  

Anyway regardless of staying in the hostel for three weeks continuously, ( I am very half-homesick type ) and having lost connection with the rest of my real worlds, I didn't feel utterly bored. Why? Because we have tonnes of activities. And among them we have caboodles of guests to be greeted so very nicely ( I am also the type who use redundancy in my words ) so that we would made Malaysiaa prouuuddddd! ( Say that in an extravaganza mode. ) Again, maybe? "PROUUDDDDEEHHH!!!"

*Afghans photos are MIA. Sorry.

Feeling energetic, I trully love them all! The first batch was from Indonesia, Medan. And followed by the second batch which was also from Indonesia, but from another region named Surabaya. A week after that, we were told that a caboodle of Afghanistan's student are coming. And of course we thought students are students but then it turned out to be a university student, which totally wasnt like what we expected. Hahaha. Its quite funny to recall it back now. Anyway they're so friendly and we talked about almost everything. I learnt that even though we thought we came from a different land, but actually the line that divide us is actually so thin, almost invisible that we no longer feel it was there. We shared a lot. And of course it was undoubtedly very beneficial. And here the networking between the sisterhood in islam is growing tighter. Being grateful, I thanked Allah no matter what and honestly I'm lovin' it. ;))

Apart from welcoming our sisters and brothers from other parts of the world, what was truly remarkable these past weeks was my participation in MSSD. Since this is our first time our school ( a sekolah agama btw ) sent out girls for a track-and-field competitions, we were very lacking in skills and experiences. We weren't many, just a few number of us the girls were selected, and regardless of the lack of training, we agreed to go. One thing I really hate was because the teacher inform us too late, its like in a blink of an eye suddenly its the day of the competition already. How possible is this for us to build up some strength? This is not a part of our strategy. Let alone to be champion.

But anyway, as I went there, another part of the world was revealed to me. Because I was too comfort in my safe zone, I didn't realize about how the world is actually working right now. Sport, just another S they made to jeopardize muslim mentality. At school you are just fine with all those baju kurung and tudung, but back then in the stadium, what you wear is completely against what you normally wear. Abnormal, this isn't just quite shocking, but definitely seriously shocking! "Alahh relax ah, semua orang pakai macam ni." Yes because everyone else is wearing the so called athletic suit, so should I accept it as a normal thing? No way. The ayu girl I love back at the school is now the new sexy girl. WHEN IT COMES TO SPORTS, SUDDENLY OUR MUSLIM COMMUNITY IS NEGLECTING THEIR RELIGION. When it comes to sport, we dont recognize the word aurat at all. Take note ok people. Are you one of them as well? Lets consider this. And do change.

I wonder how it happen?
They just do?
Or what?

*Photos credited to Aiesya Afreena. For more view here!