Friday, June 28, 2013

What the cool kids are doing

Over this past few months, I always had this feeling, of wanting to create something so badly. 

Its a good thing they all turned out into a reality. (Tho that only happened in my imaginations) I hate this feeling of waiting something to happen but they dont and you see yourself stuck in that prison called nowhere while the new age is about to begin but youre like god please stop the time or else you cant join the revolution. Ah apa ni. Bear with me friends. Myself is in this state of miserable again I guess. Or some state of not knowing what to write but I did write something (Sorry for that - I'm not going to delete this muqadimah anyway) 

I think the never-ending inspiration around me is enough to make me start moving, or else get me to some other point. But the thing is I donttttttttttt. Or probably I'm making my way. Like real slow or something. I'd rather believe that is true. Amin.

Because a lot of people said that your youth is the only moment when you believe everything is possible. You dont really believe what other people are telling you honestly. You are so positive that thing would be as how you want it to be. But believe it or not, they say, those feelings will gone as you are getting older.

I think that sounds true. So in order to  make the best of it (while I cant think of any other thing to do now) I'd post here a few really inspirng rakan sebaya from all around the world with their mind-blown talents. 

Or at least they are inspirational to me, because I always have this bad habit (habit?) of making social comparison of myself with the people around my age. It happened the age range is from 15-19. (I dont know why my brain dont really care the 20s) That, I know is poisonous. And I know I know I know the only people we should compare is no one but ourselves before now. But how could we ignore the fact that someone is incredibly awesome when someone is not?

Anyway! (Lets leave the question right there) 
You've probably have heard about fatih seferagic (how could you not!?) or justin bieber or selena gomez or cher lloyd or adibah or aisyah syakirah or greyson or the one de's guys, but how about these people

Please note that probably this post gonna be REAL LONG. Because these are the people that made me bursting with excitement. You see its obvious isnt it. And also please note that they are mat saleh not a muslim or whatever but regardless, inspiring. 

#Tasha Palmer

She is the nicest of all photographers I've ever know! Apart from her creative photography, I'd say she has an inspiring profile. She always share her secrets of editing (and its no longer a secret) to anyone who ask. Photographers hardly do that. But that was just an add-on. See! shes really that kind! Not only that I always in love with her photos and her filmy-look style, she often help those novice in photography (like me) so much that I think she might even suit to be a motivator haha, even though she's just 18 (like me). 

Below are some of her artwork.
And here's her facebook page.


An awesome singer-songwriter from new zealand! I found shes inspiring because her talents are freakinggggg beautiful it was rare, and at least, compared to most teens, the song has decent meanings. OR to be honest I dont really know what I like about her but then VEVO stole her. so anyway.

oh wait, shes SIXTEEN! I think thats why shes on the list

Sidenote: Music are not highly recommended, or else the arabs wont call them the haram.

#Jared Tyler

I dont have much thing to say..... His photos are sickly artistic! And sidenote, he's 19.

All of this models are him.

#Okay I know this is not as long as I expected.

There ought to be more people in this but oh well I'm afraid it took longer time and I didnt draft and all. (Sleepy mode I guess?) Well I'm afraid I have to sleepppppp now so I guess thats it.

And thats it. Haha theres like only three people..

*p/s: And probably theres a lot of other teens that you found inspiring! I believe theres extremely a lot of cool kids here across the internet so why dont you tell me about them? We all should have those positive charges to get moving

**pp/s: Theres nothing wrong right if I put the teenace ads here. An event designated to make the best of our teens life.

Do tell whos inspire you alright?

Make believe it! We all can do this!


Baiti Fauzi said...

We're in the same situation. I always tend to compare myself with everyone surroundng me and I have this idea of wanting to outwork everybody who's better than me. This sounds mean, i know. It's my dark side. Hohoho..

Btw, you should check out xrls on deviantart. I dont know how old she is, but her artworks are asdfghjkl!

jaie saraa said...

wahhhhh ulfah, (and baiti, hehe) at least you all berdua punya inspiration is acceptable and really talented and inpirising~ ulfah, aku nak pergi TeenAce tapi tak surelah hmmm hmmm hmmm...

Hanan said...

you inspire meeeee :) <3 <3 <3