Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Basically, I wanted to do a new post.

Setelah lama tidak main air bersungguh-sungguh,we went to PD the other day. On the architectural side, I was so frustrated with malaysia tourism there because the facilities were not facilitating at all, and not well-cared, though the place was so well-known kan. Especially the surau and the toilets, pffttt. I often thought how beautiful these places would look if we artsify them (artsify = the process of adding the artistic touch - not a legit word obviously). We dont need to wait for Zacharevic to paint murals or that tiny lego and whatnot baru kita pandang the creative side of malaysia kan. Blegh. (I hope somebody would renovate them in between these times so if I became an architect I dont have to) Blegh again.

I didnt complain about the mandi part because it was fun enough, Of course la seronok muehehe. Though little that I knew I would fall sick on that very next hours. And thats how my first sem holiday for one month kicked off; a fever.

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