Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kembars Dalam Iman ( aka Twins Of Faith )

Salam guys. Yo its one more day before Twins of Faaaaiittthhh!! To avoid unnecessary regrets let me brief you what TOF is and what do they do.

Basically, TOF is a family festival. Why family? Because anyone can participate in it - no age limits! You can tag along your parents, your friends, your neighbours, your grandparents, your child, your future child or just whoever in between.

If you happened to hear the word TOF so many times, yes, there's nothing wrong with your sound-hearing; because TOF is an annual event (so you might hear the word again and again in the future years inshaAllah :) ). Long story short its an Islamic conference that held worldwide, tapi yang kat Malaysia nilah yang paling meletop mengikut khabar syekh-syekh penganjur.

Holistiknya TOF ni menyentuh sangat banyak aspek. You know what I'm so not good in making things brief. So here you go, BULLET POINTS:
  • Lapan masyaikh hebat sebagai speakers utama. (Sheikh Tawfique Chowdury, Syeikh Abu Bakar alGaith - Imam Masjidil Aqsa dan ramai lagi)
  • MashaAllah. Sangat ramai orang-orang hebat diterbangkan khas untuk anda.
  • Gambar ni kecik sangat eh?
  • Seriously check out the names and everythinggg on the websiteeeee!
  • And Aiman Azlan as emceeee.
  • Besides the talks, there are six other zones you can happily attend.
  • The first zone is the workshop zone. 
Haa. Too many awesome speakers isnt it. Though I'm not suppose to wander around, I secretly hope I could attend any of these workshops. ( especially the one by Kamal Saleh, Hamza Tzortzis and Mohd Ali ) TT
  • Kedua, the play and pray zone. They play all day long but when its time to solat, they will make their own jemaah tahu. Omey angat.
  • The third zone, SISTAH ZONE. (Tell you what, Heliza & Diana Amir insyaAllah akan ada kat zone ni karang, nak berhijabistaah dengan para sistahhh ) Fell first-sight love with this zone, need to capslock on them muehehe.
  • Keempat, the mothers room.
  • Fifth one, the marriage corner. Ehm.
  • Last one, the bazaaaar of course. As far as I know, there are more than 60 booths registered. Mind blowasdsadsacfaen.
  • There are more. But I'll let you discover them on the day itself.
  • Haa I know some things Ive bulletpointed here sounds very attractive. Sila betulkan niat ok bebeh. Niat tu jangan ke arah materialistik wokeh.
  • Kalau niat materialistik, maka nilai materialistik jugalah yang kita akan dapat.

Seriously, no kidding. I really hope more people can join this event. Personally I see this as a potential medium to change our community, our social activism, our way of life. Especially in changing myself. Welcoming speech masa perjumpaan comitee TOF haritu je dah, walaweh, subhanallah, menikam kalbuku.

Tak sabar rasanya. This are happening this weekend. (Which is tomorrow?) For real. 

Ha dan yang paling penting, kalau nak book tiketnya online meh pegi dekat sini sebelum pukul enam petang 27/12/2013. Memandangkan masa belum lagi suntuk, sempat lagi buat keputusan sewajarnya ni. Tapi kalau tengah sengkek tu jangan paksa diri nak pergi pulak. Bebalik kat niat kita balik la jugak akhirnya. Dan benda ini, seprti biasa, berlansung di PICC, Putrajaya, Malaysia. Any road, sila usha kerana ada ABCDEFG-Z dalam tu.

Okay I'm done. Maaf kalau annoying - as always.
But honestly gais, kepada siapa yang ada kelapangan masa dan wang.... hehe. *angkatkening

Moga Allah? 
Reda.... ;)

Jumpa kat sana wokeh. InshaAllah.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Basically, I wanted to do a new post.

Setelah lama tidak main air bersungguh-sungguh,we went to PD the other day. On the architectural side, I was so frustrated with malaysia tourism there because the facilities were not facilitating at all, and not well-cared, though the place was so well-known kan. Especially the surau and the toilets, pffttt. I often thought how beautiful these places would look if we artsify them (artsify = the process of adding the artistic touch - not a legit word obviously). We dont need to wait for Zacharevic to paint murals or that tiny lego and whatnot baru kita pandang the creative side of malaysia kan. Blegh. (I hope somebody would renovate them in between these times so if I became an architect I dont have to) Blegh again.

I didnt complain about the mandi part because it was fun enough, Of course la seronok muehehe. Though little that I knew I would fall sick on that very next hours. And thats how my first sem holiday for one month kicked off; a fever.