Friday, February 14, 2014


you miss a lot of things.

you know theres one time when you are so messed up
and the only thing you can do is. paint your heart out.


Edora said...

Hello akak :) i just discovered your blog and was wondering if i could ask you a few questions about architecture in kmb as i am an spm leaver and i applied for the ib programme in kmb for seni bina.
But my concern is on whether they provide art classes in kmb or teach you basics in architecture. What are the subjects like? Do you recommend me to go there or should i go to uitm instead?
Kalau akak boleh provide me with some answers i would be most grateful. :)


Ulfa Ady said...

Edora! Sorry for the late reply!
I hope u already made up your choice!

Well for your batch ada art subject even. (My batch doesnt!) But u have to know its not the basics in architecture, just, visual art.
KMB is just preparation to UK, (nothing much like those architecture study u'd imagine).

Edora said...

Thank you very much Ulfa! I've decided that I would go to uitm because uitm boleh buat degree terus and i'm afraid i cannot wait to focus on architecture hehe. means if i do IB it will take longer for me in order to become a practising architect, wouldn't it?
nevertheless, thanks for taking the time to reply sis :) best of luck in your studies ulfa!