Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Holiday 2016 (Part 1)

I'm trying to give more commitment towards this blog. Because its kinda fun to see my personal activities are being archived, so here you go.

We had three weeks of easter break, and this is roughly what I did:

  • First week was slow and less productive, I stayed in Sheffield and probably did more UKEC works than my colleagues because many of us went on holiday. So why stay and not go on holiday too? Because we're waiting for Salmi, my housemate to finish her field trip then only we'll go on our own trip.
  • You have no idea how grateful I am for that one week delay, because our first destination: Brussel, had an explosion that week. We could have been on that place that day!
  • Went to Liverpool for an arts exploration with Intan! Went to Tate Museum and I very much like the arts gym concept! Liverpool was very different that what I imagined (I assumed it was sort like Sheffield but Sheffield was very kampungly aman-ish)
  • Did volunteering for an arts event in Rotherham, but I couldn't turn up for the second day because I was ill. Like many arts events here in the UK, I found their event concept is very cool.
  • Second week, went to Belgium. Cancelled our bookings in Brussel due to the security issue and burnt some tickets but I didn't feel that bad. 
  • Went straight to Antwerp (went by bus and didnt know we'll be in ferry transit haha, I was so lost that I discovered we're in ferry only after I felt a very bad sea-sickness) and went to Ghent for a day trip. It was amazing (will tell you detail-er in next post hopefully)
  • Went to Amsterdam after Belgium.
  • And the must visit Koekonhoef for its tulips! I now have thousand stock pictures of flowers haha.
  • Straight after the trip, I had an event in London. Erm yes UKEC Careers Fair to be exact.
  • I fell sick on the third day of the Fair. But I need to get back to Sheffield, so we get back to our place with me half-conscious of what I'm doing. It must look terrible whoever witness me carrying my large backpack very weakly.
  • I passed out for a week, I still remember being so worried cause I could tell no one about my illness and how no one could get to me (my whatsapp was crazy after that one week). 
  • Yes, I actually had a very bad fever twice just in the easter break period. I have no idea what happened to my antibody.
  • And just as I recovered: SPRING SEMESTER STARTS! 
  • Everything happened so fast and now I'm having my final review (didnt finish my things yet, I'm actually waiting for Autocad to finish installing haha). But see you next time! 
  • Thanks for reading!

This guy a professional filmmaker from USA

The arts school where I volunteered
Favourite stairs in Liverpool city

Well I told ya its my fave haha

Me sitting awkwardly in Liverpool Arts Gallery

Some people's works

We did this for free!

I already expected that we'd wear matching outfits. I just can sense it

Beautiful cafe we went for breakfast in Liverpool

ARCHIES is my favourite milkshake heaven!

Even I'm out of focus, but the bg so beautiful!
But honestly the art gallery experience was really different than the one I went while in Malaysia

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