Thursday, September 22, 2016

My architecture soulmate

I am in Sarajevo, Bosnia right now. All happy exploring, travelling and all that.

But that was before I realised Joanna left our architecture group and a little later, left me a message: She has already quit architecture.

I was too surprised.

She told me that having decided architecture is not something for her, she is going to pursue animation. And its not in our university, but Sheffield Hallam.

My feelings were scattered all over the places; in between happy that she has figured out something so important for herself, and sad that she's no longer my architecture soulmate.

But of course I'm mostly sad. Sad that my dearest buddy is going away. Sad that she came to this decision alone, that I could not influence her to stay together any more longer. Maybe most importantly sad knowing that my fellow fighter is leaving me to continue my struggle in the architecture madness. 

I know I've got other friends to support each other but we all have that one person who we'll tell our truest feelings without mask. And to me, while I am in Sheffield, that one person is her.

How can I not be sad at this moment. Of course I remember our deep talks, our not-at-all-deep talks, our regular confession on most things, on how messed up we are, on our relief to know we both passed, and those at the very end of last sem - we promised many resolutions for second year. 

We used to complain on many things together and now I would have to complain alone haha.

Only a few days left to second year architecture and now I have to reset my mental again, because I have to admit it. Joanna decision to surrender had screwed up my mood towards architecture if you ask me.

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