Friday, July 31, 2009


I was thingking to write a recipes; and this is what I've come out with:

How To Write An Amazing Essays/ Make Teacher Rashidah Proud of You.

STEP 1: Choose A Title~

Make sure you have understood the type of question you have to answer.

Do you need to assess, compare, analyse, contrast or criticise?

Make sure you address the question being asked, but be selective in the information you include

STEP 2: Gather information~

To be sure you have a good grasp of the topic, do some background reading before making notes

To avoid plagiarism make sure you reference thoroughly and correctly

STTEP 3: Write a great essay!~

A good essay deals with all of the key arguments and acknowledges a range of views from a wide spectrum of sources

Find out who thinks what and then decide what you think

Show evidence of having read widely; reference frequently and include the occasional quote

Start: with an introduction. Outline key issues and the arguments you are going to make

Middle: should be analytical, well structured and balanced

End: with a conclusion. Reiterate the main points you’ve raised and draw your own conclusions

STEP 4: Remember.. Style matters!~

Write objectively using your own words and in your own style, not those of the authors you have read

Write in an objective style and justify any claims you make by linking them to your key arguments and references

Check, check and check again! Avoid making spelling mistakes and grammatical errors

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