Saturday, April 3, 2010

i'm not fluent, say 'aaaa'.

I've had enough sleep last night. So okeh, lets talk something.

First, we've already got our exam result. Yeah, i'm not happy instead i'm totally unsatisfied, esp with Eywhhh. :(

And second, we've got debate training that Wednesday - as usual. At that moment it was raining heavily, so we tought the plan of we're debating against Sri Ayesha has been canceled. But eventually after almost an hour, Muhammad appeared! Followed then by the caboodle of Sri Ayesha. Oh! We're just too shock, eh nope. It was only me who seem to get this extremely shock heart attack.

So the planned continued, we were debating! With the motion 'This House Believe That First World Countries Should Take Responsibility For Global Warming' it was full of crux, but I am a person who easily make myself relax so calmly I managed to talked courageously. No, I'm not prouding myself, lol.

But deep inside, I was zero at the issue. Honestly it was because I'm totally annoyed with something & this something, successfully disturbed my emotion~. Yeah, I couldn't get it rid so u could see, I'm doing it half-hearted. Well, something I knew from that day, I'm easily annoyed with your action ( if you're collaborated with me). Don't get clumsy, dont be panicy, don't make things harsh even we're rushing,or else it will affect me - as the whole team performance. No offense please.

Yep, I'm doing worst on that day. But I cant lie, excuses like, ''Sorry, this is my first debate against other school..." or even, "Sorry, I'm doing bad. This is my first time debating as the second speaker..." well its rather annoying others so better I hold my tongue first then.~ But anyway, I wish that I could build a very firm/hard/thick fence all along my brain, so that others couldn't step into my personal state of mind, & won't disturbed my emotion. Oh again, no offense please.

Oh yes, and third... I'm going IIUM, in another two weeks! I thought I'm a beginner, still.. but after all, I'm already form three. To realize this is very difficult; I'm not an amateur debater anymore. Even my ability of debating&thinking are still low. That comp., its actually a good news, but in other hand Ya Allah, I'm really anxious, restless, cuak, gubra & so oonn.. Idk what else to write, u see I'm lost in words! Stuck! Only Him knew the me the best.

Btw, pray for us.

*p/s: Did you guys managed the Earth Hour? Yes, we (me&the whole budak-budak m&n) did. That night was really cold, no doubt rite? Everthing was really dark, so mostly form 3 did some outdoor activities, rather than waiting unworthy in that bilik study- boring. We foolishly played the 'ice&water' game then followed by 'the hard-to-detect-ball-in-the-dark' and we ended the game when the ball hit Alia's eyes harshly & damaged her 'nightvision'. Eventually it was Farah who felt really guilty. Nway, the earth hour's memorable - as always.

Thank you.

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