Wednesday, April 28, 2010

man. i'm getting lazier. no story.

The debate was over,
either the 9th IIUM Debate or even HELP Eng. National Dbte,
I'm sorry guys,
We lose.
We didnt even break!
& oh so did Sri Ayesha, Kisas & even SMIH.

It's harshly shocking -
But afterall
We realised something
that this kinda strong bond
does exist between us.
Which I never felt before.
And even, the pleasant smell of the debate spirit
filling the air - deep.

There's a lot of words to spill out.
But too bad I'm not even in the mood to write those stories.
Yeah you stingy~ U knoe what, I just did harming myself over, almost.
Ohhh, I'm seriously about 2 propose an AFS programme. But unfortunate, I left the partipation form at the hostel! Oh demmit~!I hate it! Ya Allah, accidentally now and then my mind keep making this habit of nyanyuk. Ohman~! How on earth I wanna post it before this month ended?! Yeh, I guess I knew the answer. Memang macam dah taksempat! Oh rite, well goodbye afs, noo way I wanna dream bout you again~!

*Kekalahan memang adakalanya ada, tetapi ingat~ kemenangan tu takkan pernah tiada.  :)

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