Monday, September 13, 2010

superpost @ pos raya

Hay there! Assalamualaikum! And a wide GLEE grin too!!! : DDD

Fasting was over and it's Syawal now! So like everybody else did, I'd like to join the crew and made a raya post too! Even though it was a little bit late, but its better late than never right? :))

This year we celebrated Eid in Rengit, Johor since Tok Ayah from abah side was already with us. Well, not every family was there on the first Syawal, but it's still okay. I learnt to make kelonsong ketupat, in two version. The first version is ketupat bawang and another version is ketupat satay which is so fun to do. My brother said it was like solving a Rubics Cube!

I love it, there were so many food during Eid, and that's the food you can only see during that month.Oh yummy yumyum! I think I ate really a lot, and I've drank soo much carbonated drinks! ....?! Then we went to ziarah kubur Atuk & moyang like we did every year, and visit most of the relatives. We didnt go to every house because it was so tiring! I'm already exhausted, just imagine (if i'm not mistaken) my grandpa has 22 siblings!!!  

Obviously, like every year, Aidilfitri was great. . Along with the traffic jam where bundle of cars will get stuck in the busy raya road, it was still awesome! But phew, we didnt meet that kinda traffic this year ( I went kampung by bus since our car couldn't transport 8 of us altogether! Earlier than my family though...) But still, that is the only moment where you can see many faces gathered, and like really determined for their homeward journey.

And there, people come and go whenever the time pass by. It was tiring how the house was in chaos for a group of guests waiting outside. But again everything was fun! That all I could say over&over again.

What more important here is we're celebrating this Aidilfitri as a form of IBADAT, NOT only a custom///ADAT like most of peoples were thinking todays. and not because of the money (or for a new bf) or etc.etc. okay~?

And one bad news that caught my attention, & I'm sure so do others: about the murder of Sosilawati and the 3 others. It's reallyreally cruel to do such thing! Takziah for their family & the best for their tenacity. Who could expect such thing would happen during ramadhan!? He's insane (the murderer), if you ask me.

Hhmmmm.  That's all about raya I could wrote so far. Its hard you know, to turn a feeling into silent words.


Naah, i dont care much about that right now. It is this - my major exam is dreading me. Oh PMR!This is want to get across today. It is few more days that I cant stand to wait until its ending. To the day we all gonna cheer out loud & shriek  MERDEKA! Hahahahahaha, well thats a brown study I called it.

I'm going off, really. I know when I say this, it's time for me to face the books (those real book, not facebook!) and try my best to study.   :|

*currently i'm really into Paramore right now, Hayley was undefinable stunning. i just cant stop belting their music! :((

**Last but not least, we wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri (in Geeky Pink!) to all muslim! Maaf zahir batin!
                                                        Salam Lebaran!
Soory, I've winked my eyes, cewwa. :)))

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