Friday, October 15, 2010

New Page Of Another Life.

Does anyone know how it feels when we are freed?

HAHAHAHAHA, tell me.
Obviously 'it feels great' and that "I'm in a serious contentment."

Well done! That I've answered every questions in each 9 subjects, and PMR has closed its countenance, leaving some trails to be trace within another 2 month, or so I think. The moment I wished the most that I'll get my portion, Allah please granted our prayer, we want a straight A's result...
*p/s: We're on the cloud, just look over the rainbows, and you'll find out we're there! :D

1 comment:

azlynfauzi said...

(Should I say: congrats?)
*averts glowing red eyes away from inferior victims*
Jgn lupa doa~ Ingat apa Ayah Haji kate td. :)

Dah dpt results nnti, brag online!
(Insya-Allah, Nines for you.)