Sunday, February 27, 2011

National Novice I

With The Name Of Allah, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim .

Attention : Post gonna contain a lottt stack of photos!!! Kindly click the X button above or feel free to keep scrolling!!! ;DD

We were participating in this novice tournament week ago, in Uitm. Miraculously - between that hectic time to cope with schools, homeworks, and intra school dbating championship we're doing - we sent two teams for it, although we're having a serious lack of trainings. And to my own surprise our team was me, Laila and Kimie along with Meor, Kak Mira, Nizar & Kak Wanima, & also - thank God - Brother Muhd.

Well it was - in some points - great ! But it wasnt that great as well. I know even weren't that good yet, but we learnt a lot throughout this tournament. I realized how big the small effect could affect us or vice versa. Its not just about debating, but its also about everything that you've mislook. We're growing older. Its a something I'll never forget.

The first round was bout to start. Nervous ! Urm? Ergh ok maybe not.
Against IIUM 8. Feel like an international tournament! Seriously! ;p
I'm annoyed. Campus life . Pilihan raya was seriously overwhelming everywhere.
Part of the pilihan raya, maybe?
Guess which 1 we finally debated? THE 3RD ONE!!!
With CHS, the only secondary school we're against (from those 1st 6 rounds). I've met them in HELP last year, so yeah. Hi again friends!! :)
Not peeping tom. Its just my hobby to take random photos. Thats Muhd with the Fattah & Sadiq btw.
The tab rooms.
We debated the 3rd motion, against KLIUC.
3rd speaker from the opponent team. KLIUC & MAHISS are neighbours btw!

Uploading photos to blogger are sickening! I'll see you later. Soory and thanks XD

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