Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Just something I found in FB, thought it might make you smile ;DDD
Girl: Hi :)
Boy: Hey.
Girl: I heard you like somebody...
Boy: Yeah, yeah.
Girl: Ooh, who is it?
Boy: I'm not telling.
Girl: Fine, do I know her?
Boy: Yeah.
Girl: Hmm, what's she look like?
Boy: Do you have a mirror?

gf: girlfriend
gf: baby i seriously dont know why your ex hates me so much
bf: look at the keyboard on your computer
gf: why???
bf: because U and I are together, and my U come above my X
gf: *blushes*

LOL XDDDD ! do smile if you do understand ;)))


jari | jemari said...

jiwang lah pulak hihih

farhan yusof said...

hehe ^^
tp x ada kimia dng o
xoxo hehe ^^