Saturday, May 28, 2011

hi i'm back!

. . . and it's holidays!!

Alhamdulillah the exam finally over.

I flunked over most of the papers, where I remebee the highlighted one are +Math, Biology and Arab.. Err did I sound too proud?? soryy huuu its happened naturally T__T Teachers I dont intend so but those answers were dangerously critical. Huuuu the MAJOR exam is soon coming and I felt the time left is poorly insane and seriously - I was in danger - yes, seriously. Dear teachers I'd only wish I'll pass.

Even so now suddenly I think . . . I shouldnt tell you. Its obviously something not to be bragged and nothing significance. When I look back, theres a lot of nothingness in my posts and there's lot of crap. So.... therefore... should I delete this blog? And create a new one?

Regardless that question, whatever it is, holiday is the best time to cope for everything. Lets explore new things and lets make more memories. Remember, keep away from those negative things ( you know what those are, isnt it? ) and you'll be dominantly safe.

And one more thing, please. Once the results is in our hand, dont regret what you've got. Keep moving on! Anything happen, grateful for God at least have granted you so - and not even worse. Remember He said he will grand us more if only . . . we're grateful to HIM . When He said He will, HE WILL.

And one last thing, remember that Allah answers prayers in three ways:

He say YES and gives you what you want,
He say NO and gives you something better,
He say WAIT and gives you the BEST!

So Yeay, got to spent the days freely! >____<

OK suddenly I inserted this yummy thing.
;D Enjoy!

*should I delete this blogg? =.=" should I?

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