Monday, May 30, 2011

It has been awhile since the last time I used my photoshop. For the time-being I thought the laptop is alright, and probably , better. But then I found out that that my photoshop software was missing!   Maybe yes I'm not a designer or so whatever that desperately need it but hey it has disappeared!  Oh dear . . . Its a holiday and my hubby had gone!!!  T_____T" You know how it feels to  be left alone.

Pfftttt! Okay then okay, I used my sister's psd - which was CS5 - and I was amazed. Yes technically I dunno what and how to use the new items but after all, it differ from CS4 so yeah, I play a little bit. And I managed to do a new header! Well I did . But the upload process was problematic and it damages the photos ( yes I was trying to uplod this boy from Tangled as well ) and here's how they will look like.

Seriously failed!

Wish I know why. Doubled . I wanna play more but there's no good, no psd with all my loaded stuff, no pendrive. Google often crash and it spins everything out, very weak internet connection and what else ? 

Hmmmmm. I made these these days anyway, anything quotable or photo-related stuff. You know how bored the weak-connection-moment was. Even though the uploaded Min Ho has been stroked very randomly by Mr. Blogger ( as you can see ) and rotten by its look, just feel free to view it. It reminds me of the TV screen when it is siaran tamat. Or even the printer when the ink has dried out. The colour runs out something like that. And I re watch Boys Over Flowers recently, so that man accidentally popped out to be the model for this words. Let him be. Hmph.

Gnait. . .   -____________________________________-"

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