Wednesday, August 22, 2012

on hiatus

I am getting much nervous today.

Yes. Eventhough it has been the fourth day of syawal but the fact that we have a couple of days before spm trial is sickening. I could not even enjoy my days off. But do I deserve those days actually?

Raya oh yeah. Now and then raya song are humming everywhere possible. And I cant hide my guilty feeling to celebrate any of these. My papers start on this coming Tuesday. Thank God the subjects are accelerating moderately. At least I think I am able to cope with the flow.

Anyway this raya is fine. I love it. Maybe sooner or later ( I dont know precisely ) I'll reserved a post for it. Photos and photos to be uploaded here! It must be much nicer. Except for the part where the word 'spm' struck me. Hey, pray for me alrite. I am no genius but I'll go through, cause it's always the best way out.

Salam Aidilfitri. And of course maaf zahir batin semua.

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