Friday, August 31, 2012


One more laughter
and we will start to cry
One more tear
and we will burst to laugh.
One more story
and we will be overwhelmed.
One more step 
and we will be freed.
Nina me and Mira. Today I realized theres so much thing I have wasted, for not knowing what a  beautiful friendship we are having.

When I say i'm your "friend", I’m trying to have you be my neighbor in Jannah. I’m trying to be your friend on the Day when friends will become enemies, except the righteous. I’m trying to be under Allah’s shade with you on the Day when He asks mankind, “Where are those who loved one another in My Glory”.
I’m trying to stand next to you in the Hereafter. Side by side. Either come with me or let me be.

Chiao. And everything will remain evergreen. 


Amanina Salahuddin said...

ulfah. awat tak boleh nak save photo tu? amboih private abis ye. bagus2. tapi kite nak.

namasayaaku said...

Nina nina nina nina hehehehhehehe proud to see u here!
Aku bagi kat FB ye. Hahahah boleh la save.

Syaima said...

tidak adil betulla. aku pegi takjmp kau punnnnnnnnnnnnn