Saturday, October 13, 2012

the countdown starts

Assalamualaikum and hi. Oh yes the trial exam has finally over. How was your result then? Two weeks plusplus to go..  I duno you but mine just too dangerous. Thank God this time everything is beyond that red limit. Yeah. Seriously, I told you I'm not a bright student so I dont get my hopes high because I know myself just too well. I got only 6A which varies only one A+ and the rest is solid A and a complete set of other grades as well, summing everything twelve as a whole. Dont laugh though you're so superb but give some motivasi la man. Doa doa sikit apa yang patut kan elok. Needless to say but my rank is somewhere too far ke belakang. One year I honeymoon sekarang I sumpah rasa rugi. Thank God sesal dahulu pendapatan sesal kemudian tidak berguna. Besides no point crying over spilt milk. Hayoh this is sure a hard thing to cope up with. But I cant let thing goes on like this. Too careless to score even an A. But the words I read which someone too kind had pasted on the students board the other day 'certain things might be hard, but not impossible' motivates. Straight A machaaass! Straight AAAAAAAAAAAASSSS! 

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NSYHDZ said...

# All the best ulfah . Buat yang terbaik, then tawakkal. Serah semuanya pada Allah :)