Wednesday, August 28, 2013

adik-adik bukit tadom yang disayangi

Went to SK(A) Bukit Tadom for CAS purpose today. You might not know what CAS is, so to put it in simple word its sort of a must-do series of activities one must participate in IB. Its funny how we thought SK(A) stands for sekolah agama. But it isnt. It turned out the 'A' stands for 'asli', the school for aboriginal community in kampung labohan dagang.

Honestly it struck me how theres a huge gap in our lives. Those two hours werent much, but we learnt. We see the differences in our world, the thing that matters and the thing that dont. In fact there's only nine muslim students out of 99 students there, and the rest still practising animism. Where I thought no one believe in animism nowadays. But I was wrong. 

Interestingly they have a raya celebration too, only its way different from us. They would dance agogo the whole day and nothing can beat the festivity. Me dancing would be a no-no haha, but I'm looking forward to experience the festival someday! 

The school have only six classes, one for each standard. Its a small school with a much spirit. I could see how happy the principal was when he told us the story of one of their best students. How proud of him to see this child competing boldly in the education world, a world they don't really believe in. But at least theres someone who stands for their name. It seems unfair how easily we left them behind, and we think its okay. It sounds so wrong to hear 'education, for them, isnt the main agenda'. I felt like all this while I'm being selfish for living in a developing country where I'm so proud of, whereas I dont even know the constituent. Someone need to tell me how is it justify is this mentality. They might be as rich, but I wish one day they, as a whole, would believe in education as much as we do. I pray for a brighter future to these kids. Getting to know them better. I tell you more about them next time.

May one day this line separating us would cease so thin, or gone.

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