Monday, October 19, 2015

First Interim Review Coming Up

Just in case you are wondering my update (or even if you don't), I am currently in University of Sheffield studying first year architecture.

And we are having our very first individual interim review this Tuesday (which is just two days to go) and I am just as clueless as to what I supposed to do and ends up blogging (as usual)

What I know about interim review is, it is a mid way review of how your project is progressing, you explain your ideas and you get critiques and discussion from your peers and tutors (also a chance to see other people progresses and feel inferior and what not).

And basically we're on a second project named 'The Room In The City' that mostly revolved around our own individual room. In my case, my room in the house we rent in Netherthorpe (which I dont really like because of the size and the style, but the style mostly) But to be positive about it, my room is small in size compared to others so yeah it makes my works easier (and lesser I guess?) and I cant deny the fact its so close to arts tower (our studio) which makes my life 99% easier. Guess how close it is? It is literally just a stone throw away. (Not to brag but its three minutes only!)

I really want to add my daily stories here tho! But my life don't only concern about blogging you know haha. Till then!

Here's me contemplating life?

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