Monday, March 13, 2017

Yonex All England 2017

Did you know I now got two blogs? One is this and another one is for my fully malay side, and its on wordpress.

Skip that aside, I got to watch final of Yonex All England today! Big deal about that is because I got to play Dato' Lee Chong Wei plays live! And he won gold!

Also got to see Goh Liu Ying and Chan Peng Soon play double! See I just cant end my words without the exclamation marks! But performance on court aside, I lowkey respect Peng Soon on how he treats his fans because he's just there with us. Malaysian fans were mad chasing our atheletes. Understand how tiring it must have been for them but we got no chance to get close to Dato' Lee Chong Wei and even to take a picture with Goh Liu Ying was a challenge!

I just have massive respect for Chan Peng Soon for what he done shows me that it all takes that little effort to show people you appreciate them, and you hardly forget the feeling of being appreciated :)

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