Saturday, June 17, 2017

SSOA Summer Exhibition 2017

Finally its happening, the annual summer exhibiton in our school. It becomes a highlight in all architecture school across the country to held a summer exhibiton. I missed the exhbition last year because I was already in Malaysia, so this time I kind of excited for this.

And thanks God, I got a job offer to become the SSOA student ambassador for the exhibiton, something I had wanted to be since my first year. Even though this time around my task was simply collecting glasses and registration, but its already a big step for me. I was already more than happy when I received the legendary black SSOA T-shirt.

Earlier this afternoon, employers from many companies came and checked out potential students. And we had opening ceremony at 6.30pm. Had fantastic opportunities talking to many groups of people today, and definitely thats a boost to my soon-to-be-final-year spirit. Hopefully inshaAllah. I am in need of this confidence so much atm.

What remarkable about today was, some questions that were asked to me by the seniors, that I already answered so many times like 'do you love architecture?' or 'how do you find second year?' and one said she asked because second year is basically the hardest of all. The questions were simple, and maybe a common one; but I do feel I have an honest answer about it now.

My relationship with architecture is a love-hate type. Sometimes I want to run away from it, but I know I cant really do that, half of my heart is stuck there. So I tried to overcome this by finding my purpose and position in this field - but then a master student replied to me 'you can never find your position in the architecture field, its complicated'.

But that aside, I also discovered that actually two of my friends are muslim! I am so happy beyond words because I could never tell all this while.


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