Saturday, January 2, 2010

010110 - a day in klate.

Eventough we didnt do anything extreme, not a jungle trekking or a kick-boxing but honestly, yesterday was a tiring day. We woke up at 4 am (After we had an-only-two-hours sleep :(  ) and we ended the day at 1++ am today. Isnt it a long journey? *Err, not a very long period, but yeh see it is a continuos trip without even a rest. 

Btw,this is abah's routine, to visit the kampung at Kelantan monthly. Since we are in holiday, so we went there too. However, we forgot to snap photo while we are visiting our cousins in Kelantan.We snatch a lotof photos at some unevenful places unfortunately. I didnt get into details, so here is the photo.

Lazy 2 correct the photo level, so dont bother.

The kids are chasing after the duck. Scary dooh.
My very polite cousin, Imtiyaz.

In front rumah Tok Ayah, where the cement are being buildoze, renewed. (??)

 During the boring boarding period.

There wasn't very many people around, i think
because it's the last flight for the day.

One more step, & we'll in plane.
It's 11.10 pm, we're heading back & returned home safely at 1 am.

*You knoe, I love photos, so dont ask why.

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