Sunday, January 31, 2010

kick cat; take a rest~

*Jigsoak,credit him.

Maths suck! I love them but demmit they make me dizzier!  Arriving Circle's chapter, no more glance, serious. Quickly I shut the book, keep them away, here I'm on the line again.

Hmpph. Tomorrow, we'll gonna celebrate birthday aku yg dah terlajak, also belated birthday Nabil & becoming birthday Abah! Soo... o'coz there'll be food! Yeh. I love food! Hahhahaha, food are always delicious & satisfying! Then, late that evening, jamuan kecil2an dorm pulak! Hohoho, again.... foood!

Yup, dorm aku buat makan sikit-sikitan, before the rombakan penghuni asrama puteri started, before we're separating... Hahaha, pretty tough sitting in that dorm; homeworks takboleh buat!
Since those budak2 were very talkative, so theres alotof things to buzz around.

Hahahah, btw...storyteller nonstop! In the end, padan muka, hw undone! Panick tuu.

But anyway, maybe u'r not my dormmates again after this. So... ready je laah to pack ur stuff ehh.  :(

Keep moving~~

*Tomorrow is another suprising day. Sleep well.

Till then.

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