Sunday, February 14, 2010

4 minutes conversation with a stranger

There was a woman, an old folk. 
In the age of
or even
or 75...
I mean,
who know?

She was, after all

With her black&white baju kurung,
& her pakistani scarf,
her grey-ish eyes stared.

We sat next to her & waiting,
but still,
no word spoke.

She was,
after all,

*Few minutes later.
The seats were full.
I offered my sit, 
and there the conv. started.
Me: Dudukla makcik.
Mak cik: Tak payah dik,Adik duduklah.. sekejap lagi turun.
Me: Ohh, ke mana?
Mak cik: KLCC. Depan tu je, jalan2.
*She's pointing her finger outside.
I shoooked.

 I asked
where'd she live,
and she told me somewhere in Taman Jaya,
but she was
after all,
walking around KL,
since she used to.
 I was alarmed then,
with her word 
'Dah biasa sorang2, nak tunggu siapa lagi?'
*Tersentak lagi.

'Nak tunggu siapa lagi bukan bgitu dik?'
Again, the words is repeated.
She stare at me, 
I guees, waiting 4 my reply.
But I didnt do anything 
more than staring her back.
I was speechless.
Thousand of questions
clouding my mind.
I know nothing about her 
& her life,
but it was clear,
that it was complicated enough.
In that very short minutes,
she told,
that before, she
lived in London,
For almost 7-8 years.
After all,
it was, all by herself.
She used to it.
Lonelyness have been her loyal

 I didnt dare to ask more,
for any deeper conversation.

Her face was beautiful
I dare to say
yet had had a tough
and a harsh journey.
She bear to face the everythings.

She was,
an old folk,
a very brave one.
Whom today,
have opened up my mind.
She was,
but after all,
Allah are always with her.
I believe.

'Allah sentiasa bersama kita,
lebih dekat
daripada urat2 yang berselirat 
dalam badan kita!'
The train arrived
at the next station.
& I knew,
she's going off.

Goodbye, anonymous auntie.
A second bfore the train stop,
she turned to me.
"Adik, duduk cepat. Orang ramai dah ni."

I gave her my smile.
& a whisper of  'Thank you.'

How come you become so strong?
Even at the age like this?

Whatever it is,
Hope to see you again.
Even I dont know you name & so on,
but I'll keep your figure in mind- clearly.

ALLAH bless you, 
*The journey continue.



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Awesome bokeh, oprah!

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