Sunday, February 21, 2010

We're going back hostel today! Oh no, today?! Argh!~~

Again we spent our Saturday night at the flea market at MAEPs, as usual. But today, the scene was different. The peoples were tripled and more hectic oh & more joyful. All the parking lot were fulled, by various booth - well, usually there is a wide space for the kids to play run & jump.

Since they held a drift competition today, so thats why we had difficulties to park our car. Teenagers here & there, vagavonding cheerily. We ignored the so-addictive drift with their crowd, and headed to the booth.
Mama, as usual - stopped at the famous bunga kankung set, & finally bought a couple of their bowl. We, as usual - bought the unstopable ice blended 4 again & again. And myself  bought some stickers, gladly. Yes, i'm happy. The carboot sale are always fascinating and satisfying (even if you got nothing in ur pocket!)

At the other side of the market, there was karaoke competition. Luckily they were almost finish by the time we reached there, btw their voice weren't so bad - I've told you today is different~

It was 11++ when we were thinking of going back. But then we stopped - unpurposely & we sat over the sidewalk watching the gokart flew on the circuit pretty fast - it's noisy anyway it's awesome. Well, someday I must have a ride on it~  And then we headed home directly. Safe. But then a netball distracted my intention to get in the house, so we came out with playing the ball until late at night - really. Yes, we are getting into sweat dreams! lol.

Hmpph. & there's nothing interesting yet so far. I'm happy today, enough. I have had a great night - which I dont expect things like this would happen in this coming fortnight. Yep,sinece  the school is calling, again.

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