Tuesday, February 16, 2010

after midnight~

I've got a mail, err. A disgusting one. You see, the World wide web are always unpredictable and unexpected.

The first mail was titled 'Hello Dear',
To sitekateki, she wrote that she saw my profile in Iluvislam.com, oh my! & blablabla. Never I know that I've got account at that site. Hmmm? Nvrmind.
Hours later, another mail from the same mailer received. The title gave me a triple-instant disgust; 'MY DARLING THIS IS MY FULL LIFE STORY WITH LOVE AND TRUST ON YOU'. This wasnt a spam, but after all, this situation have been a common for an Internet user, right?

I did open the mail, but I didnt read it anyway. Just a quick glance have succesfully left me a very bad sense of hatred, toward the mail & the sender. And the word I wanna bold today is EYW!
Its obvious.

Anyway, I've finished watching the Pisau Cukur just now. Err, yes I know. Very out of date. It was a simple story after all, an English-ish drama. :P  *Bella & Intan remind me of marshmallow, arent they? Urmm, last word; I detested their outfits, btw.

Enough for today. TQ.

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